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Dress Down, Dress Up

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Photos by: Stephanie Vasiliadis

There are so many pieces in my closet that I can only wear for one type of occasion. There are dresses that are more for a night out, other dresses for a “dressier occasion” and then there are the dresses that I can wear casually. Just like many of you, I have tops that function the same way. I wouldn’t wear my peplum top with crystal accents to work or for a casual brunch with the girls. The piece doesn’t fit the occasion.

But as I have started my spring closet cleaning, I have started to rid myself of pieces that I can wear only for one occasion. Then, as I begin rebuilding my closet, I have aimed to find pieces that I can dress up or dress down – making the piece versatile and dependent on the accessories. It’s actually much easier than it sounds.


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20 Slip Dresses for the Spring & Summer Under $150

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Photos by Stephanie Vasiliadis

I’ve been really obsessed with slip dresses lately. They are so comfortable, loose, and they come in so many styles. It’s like wearing your night dress out but it doesn’t look like a you’re about to go to bed.

This trending style is one that is great for both the spring and summer.

For the cooler months in spring, you can layer a long sleeve tee underneath the dress and you’re ready to go. Many of the slip dress in certain stores actually come with the long sleeved tee and slip dress as one set so that you can wear the tee or remove it as it begins to get warmer.

Slip dresses can be worn for day outfits or you can dress them up and wear them for a night out. There are slip dresses in prints or plain, so you’re bound to find one that fits exactly the occasion that you are planning to wear it for. And even with a plain slip dress, you can add accessories or other layers and transition it from a day outfit to a night outfit.


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LivingLesh Collection: Life as a Lifestyle

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Today is an extra exciting day! On this day, I am unveiling my personalized small clothing collection that you can shop right now! Pre-sale has just opened and I want you all to head over and pick out pieces from this minimalist collection – Life as a Lifestyle.

Life as a Lifestyle is a minimalist clothing collection that is meant to show off the passion for living life. I have always stuck to the claim that “simply living isn’t being alive”. There are so many experiences to live in life and through this collection I want to share with you the passion of heading out there and doing everything that life has to offer. There is no fear in fashion and there should be no fear in life. Continue Reading →

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How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards with a Personal Touch

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Writing thank you cards for anything can be hard – especially when you’re writing in a blank card. You may open the card, write thank you for giving a gift, attending an event, or doing something that was helpful to you, but then you stop and try to think what else you should write.

We’ve all had that moment. And with wedding thank you cards, it gets even harder. You try your best to not write the same thing in every card. There’s a repetitiveness that you attempt to avoid, but it gets a little hard. You find yourself sitting at the table writing the same type of card over and over again with the only thing changing is what you are thanking them for. Continue Reading →

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Starting Out on My Smile Journey

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I exude a lot of confidence, but there are many things that I criticize myself over. One of the things is my smile.

I’ve been struggling with my teeth since I was a child. When my baby teeth began falling out and my adult teeth began growing in, my smile turned from showing all teeth to barely wanting to open my mouth. My teeth grew in, in every direction other than straight. So in middle school, my parents sent me to the orthodontist, and for many years I had braces.

Those braces worked. My teeth straightened out and I began to gain back a lot of confidence. But I was a teenager. I didn’t follow directions and didn’t wear my retainer. So, because of my choices, my teeth shifted and now my teeth are not aligned like they used to be.

Throughout my college years, I went back to smiling without showing much teeth or just making sure the pictures were taken far off so you couldn’t see my smile flaw. My smile was lowering my confidence, and I realized that I needed to do something about it – just no longer on my parent’s dime. Continue Reading →