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Working at Chic

teacher style

In my opinion, you career dictates your work wear style. There is a certain type of outfit that you were if you are a corporate worker and then there is a style that you maintain if you are a teacher. You style comes roots in your personality. And typically, when a person chooses a career, they choose it base on where he or she fits – again, based on personality. That’s the theory.

I chose teaching as my career, but I also enjoy the corporate atmosphere. When I was in college, I worked at a big corporation and had a desk job. It was comfortable and I enjoyed what I did. At that time, I was studying to gain my degree in education, but during that brief time, I did question where I wanted to go with my life. But that’s not what we are here to focus on.


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Velvet Luxe

windsor store

My nights out in my early 20s were filled with red solo cups, jeans, and a comfy shirt that looked a little dressy but wasn’t really. That was college. No need to really dress up to go out to the bar.

After college, when the nights out in turned into going to lounges in the city, I realized that the time for jeans and a “nice” shirt was long over. It was time to add a little luxury to my style and embrace the trends of each season.

This season has been about the velvet trend – it’s everywhere, and it add luxuriousness to every outfit. Continue Reading →

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Glossybox x Rituals

glossybox x ritual

Glossybox collaborated with Rituals for a one of a kind limited edition box that featured products from the Rituals brand that are not only a signature fragrance but products that are much needed for the cold weather months.

When I first received the box, I was immediately attracted to it. Before you even open the box, you smell the fresh floral aroma permeating out of the box.

The box is beautifully wrapped in the signature RITUALS OF SAKURA box that is decorated with cherry blossom petals. When I pulled the Rituals box out of the Glossybox packaging, I loved it so much that I didn’t even want to open the box and unwrap the products.

But that’s just the packaging, let’s talk about the amazing products that are found in this box. Continue Reading →

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Moving In & Cooking for Bae with HelloFresh

hello fresh

Moving in with my fiance was an exciting moment in our relationship. But I will admit, that I was a little nervous when we finally made the decision to get a place together. My nervousness came from the fact that I would be expected to do more as a soon to be wife in the household. I’ve been living with family members mostly my entire life, and during that time other cooked for me or I only made small meals just for myself. I never had the responsibility of cooking for another person.

When we first moved in, I struggled with how to manage cooking for two. I now had to consider what I was putting in the food in regards to seasonings and other preferences. Now, my fiance is not as picky, but when I cook, I just throw things together. He never complained (not that he would) about my cooking, but after awhile I started thinking about what I was cooking more than I did before. My meals weren’t as healthy and fresh as they should be. There was a lot of fried food, takeout when I was too lazy to cook, and pre-cooked meals that carried so many preservatives.

It was time for a change, and that’s when I was introduced to HelloFresh. Continue Reading →

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A Post-Engagement Checklist for the Exceptional Bride

You’ve just got engaged, and you are floating on cloud nine as you bask in the excitement of starting your journey towards marrying your best friend and spending the rest of your life with that person. After that magical moment, you spend the next few days thinking about what you’re going to wear, looking over your dream Pinterest wedding board, and talking to all of your friends that you are going to ask to be bridesmaids in your wedding.

There is so much running through your mind, but in that excitement things need to get a little serious and you need start planning out your next steps. From all the things that I have learned, I want to share with you a post-engagement checklist that is guaranteed to make your engagement less stressful and fully enjoyable. Continue Reading →