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Best Outerwear for Winter

winter outfit

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week. My weekend was packed full of wedding planning and hanging out with my fiance. We had thought about heading out in town on Saturday, but the weather had different plan and we actually got some snow. It was somewhat of a good thing though because my fiance and I got to watch some movies that we had wanted to see in theaters, but didn’t have the time. So, it was a weekend with some pizza (which I actually took a risk and went out to pick it up because I’m cheap and didn’t want to pay a delivery fee or tip) and watching Bad Moms and The Magnificent Seven – both good movies. Sunday was a better day with some sun and melting snow, but Sunday is our “let’s do absolutely nothing” day.

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A Winter Night Out

forever 21 lace

Happy Friday everyone! Friday is basically my favorite day of the week. It’s the last day of the work week and that means it’s time to celebrate with a fabulous night out!

Since it has been averaging at 30 degree weather week after week, I’ve been having my night out celebrations on the couch. When it was warmer, my fiance and I would consistently go visit the city or explore new places in our hometown, but for the past few months, I can’t stand to go anywhere because I can’t even think of anything to wear that would look good and still keep me warm.

But that has changed. Now it’s time for a night out even in the winter. Since I can’t stand to be cooped up for so many months, I made it a point to find outfits that would be fit for Friday night out and be appropriate for the weather.

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On Trend: Keeping Up with Sweater Weather

vici collection

There are many people who talk about fashion being dead when the extreme cold weather of the winter season kicks in, but with so many styles of clothing that is trending, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t true.

We are all guilty of rocking nothing but sweaters during the winter. And even I will admit that I have a few plain and simple sweaters that I used to wear religiously because they were so warm and comfortable.

But lately, there has been changes in the sweater style. And when I say changes, I mean that there are so many fabulous styles of sweaters out there that are super warm and comfortable but also extremely fashionable. There are so many sleeve styles, colors, and trending details that are found in sweaters.

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How to Alter a Sweater Dress

nordstrom sweater dress

When you’re a petite woman, there are many pieces that still don’t fit you even when they are a size small or x-small. It’s as if you have to shop a special section to find something that fits you, or you have to make alterations to the piece to have it fit your body type. It’s exhausting and, not to mention, expensive.

For awhile not, I’ve refused to make those extra purchases and only shop in the petite section. And I know this frustration is not only felt by the petite woman. It’s felt by a lot of people who do not fit into this “standard” size that is being fitted to pieces and put in the store.

Instead, I’ve found ways to make the items fit me and make them my own. It’s inexpensive. It’s not as frustrating. And it doesn’t take as much effort as you make think.

For today’s alteration tip, let’s focus on the sweater dress.

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