Neu Year, Neu You: 5-Minute Morning Make-Up Routine with Neutrogena



IMG_Neutrogena make-up routine


I’m so super excited to be sharing my first make-up tutorial on my Youtube channel and blog today. And today, I’m bringing you my new 5-minute morning make-up routine that is taking me right into 2018.

During the weekday, many of us head out extremely early to our jobs. And if you’re anything like me, you might be hitting that snooze button a few times just to get those extra five minutes of sleep before having to get up and take on the day. But by delaying the inevitable, we are cutting back the time we have for us to get ready in the morning. Often times I’ll wake up way to late and have to choose between taking a shower or putting on makeup for the day. Of course, the shower time wins out as it not only gets me clean but wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. But I soon got sick of having to make that decision. So, for 2018, I decided that I needed a quick make-up routine for those days when I just can’t get up when the alarm first goes off.

So after a few lates to work and some bum tries, I’ve finally perfected an amazing 5-minute morning make-up routine that you can incorporate into your morning or during any time that you are rushing to get to your next place.

For today’s tutorial, I’m using various products from Neutrogena Hydroboost and Skin Clearing line. All products that you can find at your local Walmart. These products are simple to use and it keeps your skin healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

Check out my video below to see the full tutorial on this amazing five-minute make-up tutorial.

IMG_neutrogena foundation




Yes, it’s true. This full face look only too me five minutes. Still don’t believe me? Keep scrolling to the bottom for the video of the full tutorial and make sure to text the codes above to get your discounts on the Neutrogena Hydroboost and/or Skin Clearing products.