A New Start for My Skin with Curology

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In high school, I struggled a lot with acne. I tried so many on the shelf products with combinations that would be a temporary fix. Once the drugstore brands stopped working, my mother got so concerned that she took me to a dermatologist for prescriptions to treat the acne. Eventually, I had to accept that it was just a stage of adolescence and that I had to let it run its course.

As I moved into adulthood, I didn’t suffer as much from acne, but I still had blemishes that I tried to fight with the drugstore brands that now semi-worked. My blemishes caused my skin to become two toned, which I now cover up with makeup.

I started ignoring many of my skin problems that existed on my face and on my back. I just accepted that this was the skin that I was in, and the only two things I could do was hide it or embrace it. There was no fighting to make it better. I just had to manage and hope that it didn’t get worse.

But in the past year as I have been planning my wedding, I have become more concerned with skin issues. There are going to be cameras getting up close and personal and those cameras will be highly focused on me. Thinking about it still gives me anxiety, but I decided that it was time to find something to help me solve my skin issues.

My biggest skin issues that I currently have are clogged pores that cause my skin to become excessively oily, and back acne. Now many of you may be thinking that back acne is covered up by your clothes, but for brides, our back is out more than it is covered. And I didn’t want my back acne to dictate what kind of dress that I would wear.

I contemplated returning to the dermatologist, I talked to beauty consultants at the big named beauty stores, but something told me that there had to be something else out there for me.

That’s when Curology came to the forefront.

I had heard about Curology before, but I was hesitant to try it out because who could see my skin problems through communication over a computer. Through my resistance, I decided to try it out.


Curology offers custom prescription skincare that is constructed specifically for you and your skin needs.

When I started out the process, I logged into the site and was asked questions about my skin concerns. I accompanied my concerns with pictures of my current skin condition taken from every angle that I wanted to show. It was up to me what pictures that I wanted to submit, but I knew that the more that they saw, the better.

After I finished the brief survey, I was immediately assigned a licensed dermatologist that would be reviewing my case and creating a product tailored directly to me.

Within a few days, I was contacted by my specialist with details and instructions on my custom-made prescription that was being shipped to me.

My instructions were to use the prescription at night after I had cleansed and moisturized my skin.

As soon as I received my product, which was about 4 weeks ago, I began using the prescription nightly. Immediately, I began feeling the change in my skin.

To be honest, I am not seeing a huge difference, but I see it. My skin is less oily which could only mean that my pores are becoming unclogged one-by-one.

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At this point, I am just starting out. So I don’t want to make an overall judgement about it just yet. But I can say that the beginning of this process is a positive one.

In a few weeks, my dermatologist and I will be reviewing my progress and, together, we will determine whether my prescription and plan needs to be altered at all.

One big thing that I am enjoying right now, is that I can contact my dermatologist at any time with any concern or question, and I get a quick response. I’m also receiving updates and tips on skincare that I’ve never seen or heard of before.

My skin feels as though it is improving. It feels healthier and for that, I’m happier.

At the end of my three-month trial, I’ll be back to give you an overall review of what Curology has done for me and how it has changed or simply maintained my skin.

Thank you Curology for partnering with me on this post. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.