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Hey there!! Welcome to LivingLesh.com – a blog created for the young fashionable women on a budget. My name is Iesha aka Lesh – a little nickname given to me by some of my fabulous friends. I am a petite woman with a love of fashion and saving money. During the day, you’ll find me in the classroom, but at night you’ll find me working on my women’s fashion & lifestyle blog – blogging about personal style, beauty and other great things going on. When I’m not doing both of those things, you can often find me in the mall searching for top trends and urban chic style pieces to add to my closet.

This blog was created for any woman out there who wants to be the one turning heads because of what she is wearing, but is mindful of her bank account when picking out clothes for her wardrobe.

LivingLesh is a Philly based petite and budget fashion and lifestyle blog aiming to give inspiration to women who want to be the IT GIRL without spending hundreds of dollars on one outfit.

I have to admit, I wasn’t always the most fashionable. It took me time to find my personal style and to be the person I am. Though I am outspoken and love to be the center of attention, I often find that my favorite places are behind a magazine or lounging on the couch.

I created this blog to share my love of fashion and to help women who are discovering their personal style or want to share it! Fashion is founded on community, and I want my readers to join me in that community.

For collaborations, you can contact me through the contact form or you can email me directly at Lesh@LivingLesh.com 

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