My Bachelorette Party in D.C.

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A few weekends ago I had my bachelorette party. After months of throwing out ideas and trying to come up with a definitive plan, we settled on heading to Washington D.C.

It was a definitely a trip that will be remembered for a very long time. And if you follow me on Snapchat, you were able to see some of the silly things we were doing and get some of the experiences from the show that we attended. Though that story may have only been following about half the night, you could have still put together the jist of the entire thing. The other half the night wasn’t filmed because I was having so much fun that I became so detached from my phone.



My bachelorette party was filled with fun, laughs, craziness, and a some drama – but we are females and that is bound to happen. But overall, I had a pretty great time! My bridesmaids did a great job of planning everything and putting everything together. I think the only thing that I did to contribute for the night was call the Lyft about once or twice, and I did that wrong. (I kept forgetting to count myself in the head count for the car, so I kept saying there was four of us instead of five and the car didn’t fit us all. But my bridesmaids were troopers and crammed themselves into the backseats of the Lyft).

The theme of my entire wedding has been ‘Royalty’ and this bachelorette party definitely stuck with the theme. We started off by decorating the “carriage” and turning it into a TEAM BRIDE bachelorette mobile. Thank you to my sister for not only driving us on this little mini road trip, but for letting us deck out her car. We took a quick stop over to Party City and grabbed some car magnets, flags (these flags are good for shorter trips that aren’t on the highway because one flag actually frayed on the edges and one completely flew off the spoke and we lost it at some point during the ride), and a banner that we maneuvered over the back window. Party City has a cute little bachelorette/bridal corner that also has items for the bachelor party. The prices for the items are exceptionally cheap and great for the purpose.

bachelorette car bachelorette party district taco

It was about a three hour drive to D.C. to our hotel and we got there with enough time to grab some food early and then start getting ready. Like any popular city, D.C. has some great places to eat. We walked down the road and popped into District Taco. It was a very quick bite and the tacos were amazing. They were fresh, assembled well, and at an affordable price.

We made sure that before we left that we decked ourselves out with TEAM BRIDE bands and our bachelorette sunglasses so that everyone knew what we were there for. It was funny how much attention we got once we arrived at the city – the hotel clerk even thanked us for bringing the fun to the hotel.

My maid of honor had grabbed the wristbands and some other fun items from Spencers – another store that has a whole section for bachelorette party fun. I grabbed the sunglasses and some other fun items from the wedding shop from Icing by Claire’s. They have a whole section filled with things not only for the bachelorette party but for the entire wedding experience. I highly recommend checking their selection out – I even grabbed gifts for my bridesmaids, flower girls, and mothers from their selection.

bridal wristbands

Once we were able to get some food in our stomach, we headed back to the hotel room to kick off the celebration. One of my bridesmaids gifts was a personalized, stemless wine glass from Things Remembered that the girls filled with the delicious Sparkling Brut from One Hope Wine

If you don’t know about One Hope Wine – you need to check them out. They have all sorts of wines and have special glittered celebratory bottles in various colors that are great for special events such as weddings, birthdays, or other special occasions. I’ve had One Hope Wine at some other blogger events and have taken a strong liking to their wine bottles.

bachelorette gifts bachelorette

After we consumed 3 out of the 4 bottles of One Hope Wine, we all got ready and headed out to Sax D.C. for a bachelorette celebration featuring a stunning burlesque show.

Have you seen the movie Burlesque with Christina Aguilera? It was like being in the movie without the singing. The decor of Sax D.C. was stunning – the velvet and the gold was just the royal treatment I was looking for during my bachelorette party. The dancers were great. My bridesmaids booked the bachelorette package that included and open bar and gifts for me – such as a champagne glass, a sash, and the pink boa that did stain my dress by the end of the night.

After our two hour open bar, we scrambled around to different bars in the area just acting like the bachelorette brigade that we were.

bachelorette party

Thank you to One Hope Wine for providing my bridesmaids and I with these amazing bottles of celebratory sparkling brut. It definitely helped us to kick off the party in the right way!