BeautyCon BFF Summer Box Review + Discount


(Disclaimer: This box was provided to me for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please review my PR/Disclaimer for more information).

Hello beauties! I want to introduce you to a new subscription box that is in its baby stages but is absolutely essential if you are a beauty/fashion maven.

You may have heard of BeautyCon before as they often host a festival in a few locations every year. The event is like ComicCon but for beauty lovers – BeautyCon (get it?)! Anyway, they have released an amazing box, the BeautyCon BFF box. This Summer box is the first box of the subscription service that I have received and I will admit that they are starting off on the best leg that I have witnessed in my time subscribing to subscription boxes.

beautycon bff

The BeautyConBFF is a seasonal subscription box that delivers the most essential beauty products right to your door. The box is $29 per season or $99 for the entire year (four boxes), which essentially saves you about $17 if you do the entire year. In each box, you will receive items that value over $100 collectively and will be curated by one of BeautyCon’s community influencers.

Unlike other subscription boxes that I am aware of (which is many) the BeautyCon BFF box offers more than just the subscription box. By being a BFF, you are able to enter into exclusive giveaways just for the BFF subscribers. These giveaways range from tickets to award shows, tours of big name corporations such as American Apparel, tickets to concerts, and meet and greets with some big influencers/celebs. And you know what else, lucky subscribers could receive a golden ticket in their box. This golden ticket is a gift card that ranges between $50 – $5,000.

Are you convinced yet? I’m sure you are because if I wasn’t already subscribed, I would be going to the BeautyCon BFF site and subscribing for my first box right now!

But even though you are already on your way to subscribe, keep on reading to see what I got in my Summer Essentials box and what I thought.
beautycon bff summer

The Summer BeautyCon BFF box was curated by Teala Dunn, an actress and a singer, so when you first open the box you receive a little picture note from her accompanied with the list of what is included in the box as well as a $5 discount code to give to a friend featuring the stunning face of Beyoncé (but you don’t need that code because I have left you a discount code at the bottom). flower headband

BeautyCon ‘In Bloom’ Flower Crown: I adore this flower crown. Unfortunately, I can’t wear it at the moment because of the hair style that I am currently rocking for this month. But best believe, that I will be wearing this when appropriate or just when I feel like it. The headband stretches and is big enough to even fit my big head so it is definitely a great accessory to find in the box.

lana sunnies

BeautyCon ‘Lana’ Sunnies: Honestly, this was my favorite item to find in the box. I adore sunglasses. My fiancé and attest that whenever we walk into the mall he has to not only hurry me past shoe stores but also those little kiosks that sell sunglasses. I always want a new pair to go with every outfit throughout the Summer and the Fall. I will be sporting these with as many outfits that I can. They are so cute and the teal color is light enough to go with a plain white shirt and some jeans or another blue outfit from my collection of many blue outfits. dry shampoo

Eva NYC Surf Spray: This little dry shampoo is great for summer days. I don’t often use dry shampoos (I typically hand them over to my sister who swears by it), but I have used it a few times and it is great for keeping your hair less greasy and giving it a little cleanse during the day – especially on a day when you’re on the beach and you’re not heading home right away. Or even on a day that you are just out and need a quick refresh. My sister carries dry shampoo in her purse since she is out working and socializing throughout the entire day. It keeps her hair smelling fresh and clean. This brand has a high review on Ulta so I would say it was a great product to have included in the box. colourpop

Colour Pop ‘ La LA Super Shock’ Shadow & Crown Brush Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet: These were my second favorite items to get in the box. I love getting different shades of eyeshadow and I think by including this shade was a great choice. It is metallic but it is also a basic color that can go with any skin tone. I have used this once as an accent color since I have gotten it and it has great pigment and blends well. Actually, I used it with the brush that came in the box and the brush is absolutely fabulous. It is soft and great for using on the eyelid. Another great addition to the box. puravida

Pura Vida Bracelet: I wasn’t too thrilled about this bracelet when I first found in the box but it is growing on me. I like the colors that the bracelet includes and since putting it on I have taken it off. It is one of those basic bracelets that you  keep on until it eventually just wears and falls off. People have actually noticed me wearing it and have given me compliments while asking me where I got it. Of course I say, “I got if from my BeautyCon BFF box!” PuraVida has a great story behind it and it sends a great message so I see why this item was included in the box and since reading the information about Pura Vida, I have found a new appreciation for the bracelet. beautycon bff summer

Maybelline Volum’ Express “The Colossal’ Waterproof Mascara: I can’t say enough about Maybelline products so I was very excited to see this in my box and it came just in time for me to need new mascara (I actually was planning to purchase a Maybelline mascara). This mascara gets great reviews on Ulta and Sephora.

NYX Wicked Lippie – Betrayal: NYX is another great beauty brand, which is why it is found in the BeautyCon BFF box. BeautyCon definitely knows how to pick their products! The color is a deep purple so not only is it good for the Summer, it is good shade to have heading into the Fall season. The color is very bold and can be the accent to the out. Definitely a beauty essential.

Baby Lips Lip Balm ‘Quenched’: I swear by Baby Lips! All of my lip balms are Baby Lips and I carry them everywhere in almost every shade. This basic one is great for those who just need it daily to wear to keep their lips moisturized, but I have also used this on my lips after using a lip scrub and before putting on my lipstick. So happy that BeautyCon included this in their box because it is a wonderful product.

mr. kate

Mr. Kate Gift Card: I hadn’t heard of Mr. Kate before this box but now I am aware of the site. Mr. Kate sells stacked rings and beauty tattoos and on the site you can purchase the newly released book about DIY projects. After searching the site and then finally heading to checkout, I discovered that the gift card is about $5 which is pretty helpful as it cuts out some of the price and the shipping. I like the fact that BeautyCon BFF introduced me to this accessory site. It has put it on my radar. beautycon

Beauty Con Gold Bars & Studs Earrings & Gold Ink x BFF Metallic Tattoos: Including these little items was so cute and so essential. I always need little studs to wear day to day when I am not trying to take away too much from my outfit or when my outfit is just basic. And honestly, I would have thought about using the tattoos but my fashionista niece got to them before I could and ended up rocking them better than I could have. beautycon bff box

BeautyCon ‘Lips for Days’ Clear Bag:I like that after unpacking the entire box I got to the bottom and found a cute little makeup bag to put all my new products in. I literally took the bag out and put the products that I just received in that bag and added it to my  many other makeup bags that you can find under the sink.

Overall, I am in love with this subscription box. For a young beauty, all the items included were essential and all products that I can use and will use. Sometimes I receive products from subscription boxes that I cannot use and typically give away, and all but maybe one time, I will be using. I am so excited to have gotten this box and I will definitely be sharing this with all those who I can.

I know by this point, you are definitely convinced about subscribing to this box and just because I love you all, I have gotten you wonderful beauties a special coupon code!

Use ‘ieshathompsonbff’ for $5 off your box!

What do you think? Will you be subscribing? Have any questions?

Let me know!


  • I got this box and it’s fantastic! I’m obsessed with everything that was in it, especially the NYX lipstick and the Maybelline mascara! Even my boyfriend noticed how great my lashes looked when I used it for the first time… that says something!

    Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for the fall box!


  • Have you attended beautycon?

    • I actually have not. I hope to one day. Every time that I plan to go, something gets in the way.