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So you’re interested in becoming a fashion blogger? That’s great! Being a fashion blogger is very rewarding. As a fashion blogger you get to talk about the fashion world and share your personal style with the world, and I bet that is something that you are interested in doing.

Sometimes it’s hard to start a blog and get into the world of fashion. It honestly took me a while to get a handle of it, but now I finally feel that I’ve gotten a grasp on what I am doing and I want to share my methods with those seeking to start a fashion blog.

Let me first start by saying that blogging takes time. You can’t just create a blog, jump into the fashion world and find yourself on the cover of a magazine the very next day. You have to establish yourself. And luckily, I’m here to give you a few tips to jump-start you on your road to becoming a successful fashion blogger.

Remember, this guide will tell you how to get ahead in fashion blogging after you have already set up a blog. If you haven’t started your blog yet, see my post on ‘How to Start a Blog‘ to first get the basics. Then come back here to get into the specifics of working within this niche.


Below you will find advice on how to become a successful fashion blogger that attends events and works with the brands that you are looking to reach. I will admit that the brands won’t come knocking on your door right away, but if you put these methods into practice and develop over time. You will start seeing collaboration requests from your top brand names coming straight to your inbox.

1 – Collect Your Tools

Every fashion blogger needs tools of the trade. Just like any other job you have to collect the tools you need to do your job, and that essentially is what being a fashion blogger is. It’s a job. You do work, you see income, you improve yourself in your trade. The one difference is that instead of selling a product or a service belonging to another company, you’re selling yourself and you are your own boss. These are the tools that I feel are a must have for a fashion blogger:

  • Camera + Accessories – You need to have a camera or a photographer that is willing to work with you all the time, but I highly recommend if you are starting off to get your own camera. You want to have your own camera to be able to not only take pictures of yourself, but to take pictures at events such as fashion shows. Though you may use your phone’s camera when you attend events, I find it better to use my DSLR because I get better quality photos with higher pixels that I can manipulate in photo editing software if necessary. I currently use Nikon 3100 DSLR to take my own photos of myself and at the events I attend, and I constantly receive compliments on my pictures. The accessories that I have to go along with my camera are:
    • Eyefi Wireless SD Card (this allows me to take pictures and send them straight to my phone to upload to social media when I am at an event)
    • Tri-pod 
    • Extra lenses
  • Blog – It kind of goes without saying that if you want to be a fashion blogger you need a blog. But, I would advise that you simply don’t get a blog on a free platform, because you limit yourself and the potential of your blog. Again, see my post ‘How to Start a Blog’ for information on establishing a great looking and functional blog with widgets necessary for a fashion blogger.
  • Business Cards – You are marketing yourself as a fashion blogger, and when you are networking in person, you always want to have a business card on hand to promote yourself and lead people back to your blog. Your business cards will also allow you to start relationships with people to gain collaborations with potential clients. See my post ‘Fashion Blogger with a Business Card’ to learn the benefits of having a business card and where you can design and purchase your own.

2 – Establish Your Style

It’s important when working as a fashion blogger that you establish your style. When I first began blogging, I realized that I hadn’t quite found what I wanted my personal style to be, and that created posts that were not cohesive and I was unable to identify and explain my style within the posts. After taking a day or two to think about the main outfits that I wear, I identified my style as modern chic. This identification allowed me to speak directly to my readers and to create style inspiration posts that included the detail that needs to be present in each and every post.

So I suggest that you open up your closet and establish what your style is and begin mapping out a few outfits that you can photograph for your style posts. You can identify your style on your ‘About Me’ page of your blog or just state it in every style post that your create.

Also when establishing your style, make a list of the top stores that you shop that directly correlate with your style. In all of my style posts (including my Instagram shares), I identify the stores that I shopped to get the different pieces of the outfit. The point of your post is to inspire readers with your style and to give advice, and if they like what you’re wearing they are going to want to know where you got it from.

My main stores that I typically shop are: American Eagle, Nordstrom, Primark, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe.

You can also monetize your blog by adding a widget of the pieces of your outfit and where to shop for them online. I use ShopStyle Collective – I will talk about this more in the affiliate section below.

3 – Enter the World of Social Media

Having a presence on social media is absolutely essential for a blogger. Being on social media not only allows you to promote, but it provides you with other platforms to showcase your style away from writing on your blog. Here are some benefits of the top social media platforms that a fashion bloggers should have:

  • Instagram – Being a fashion blogger is primarily about the visual and most of the time many people go head to Instagram for style inspiration. It’s a known fact. Instagram is all about the visual and you should be to. Creating an Instagram allows you to not only promote your style posts during the time of publication and far past it, but it also allows you to post pictures of your shopping experiences and your day-to-day style. On my Instagram profile, I often showcase my daily style and I show sneak peaks to upcoming posts. Also, many of my collaborations and clients find me through my Instagram profile which links to my blog. You can take a look at how I set up my Instagram to promote my style as well as my blog.
  • Twitter – Though this platform is not as popular as Instagram, it is a very useful platform to promote yourself and your blog. I often use Twitter to promote my posts from my blog and from Instagram. Twitter has actually been a social media platform that has gained me traffic from current and past blog posts. I often tweet about posts from previous months during certain seasons to bring people back to the post. Also, some of my revenue comes from just tweeting about a product or service from a client. But make sure that you aren’t only using Twitter to promote, use it to just say something that you’re thinking. Let your followers know you are human.
  • Pinterest – I’m sure you’ve gone on Pinterest to find inspiration for style, lifestyle inspiration or maybe to find ideas for a future wedding. Well, you aren’t the only one that does it, which is why Pinterest is an absolute must have for fashion bloggers. I highly recommend that you create a Pinterest profile for your blog or if you already have one, just use the one you already have. Pinterest gains you so much traffic because you can share your photos to Pinterest on various boards that you make or contribute to, and if you read my ‘How to Start a Blog‘ post, you have the widget that makes your photos pin-able – which then causes your readers to share your photos on their boards as well!
  • Bloglovin’ – You may have heard of RSS feeds or link-ups and how beneficial they are to traffic. Well think of Bloglovin’ as something that is like those two things but better. Bloglovin’ is a site that allows you to showcase your blog as well as to connect to other bloggers. Many people use Bloglovin’ to follow their favorite blogs because they are all in one place. It keeps them updated with new posts on their news feed. This is probably one of the most important social media platforms that a blogger needs to have. You can check out mine here to see how the platform looks and how it works. And then register! Don’t forget to connect with me, I’m always looking to follow new blogs!

4 – Join Some Networks

I have benefited from many types of networks. With my blog, I am involved in networks that connect me to brands as well as networks that simply connect me to other bloggers. Each type is very beneficial in their own regard. One for connecting me to clients to monetize my blog and the other for connecting me to bloggers to produce collaborations and to learn from. Below is a list of both types of networks that I belong to and that I would recommend.

Connecting to Brands (for sponsored posts & monetization)

  • IZEA – Great source for monetization for your blog as well as your social media channels. Often features offers for tweets and Instagram posts. Many bloggers state they gain most of their revenue from this platform.
  • Brandbacker – Good platform for beginning bloggers. They don’t often have a lot of opportunities for fashion bloggers, but every so often there is an opportunity for an accessory item review.
  • Influenster – I stay active on this site for more of my beauty and lifestyle products. So if you are dabbling in the fashion/beauty blogging niche, I recommend this platform. Stay an active participant and the more product reviews you will receive.
  • TapInfluence – Many fashion bloggers gain great collaborations from this site. Just make sure to fill out your profile completely and you will be listed to the marketplace for potential brands to see whether you are a fit for their campaign.
  • BlogHer – BlogHer has an influencer platform that allows you to connect your blog and social media channels for consideration for potential campaigns. I have not seen many fashion campaigns, but I am told that the influencer network is expanding and will soon include those as well.
  • Clever Girls – Review their qualifications before applying. You need to be well-developed in your blog with a strong number of page views and quality content.

Connecting to Other Bloggers (for collaboration and to learn about your craft)

  • HerCampus – Though primarily for college age bloggers, HerCampus still accepts and has active members past the college age. Connects you with bloggers from around the world and often offers opportunities for collaborations with other bloggers and/or brands.
  • The Blogging Elite – Facebook group for all types of bloggers to share blog posts, engage on social media, as well as network with other bloggers.
  • Blogger Babes – Blog and Influencer network for all types of bloggers. Offers a free blog planner upon sign up and often provides collaboration opportunities, blogging tips, as well as other great opportunities for bloggers.

5 – Attend Events

When I started blogging, I noticed that many other fashion bloggers were attending fashion shows and brand events, and honestly, I wanted to be attending the same ones too. Now, if you’re in New York, you’re probably used to the many fashion events that occur throughout the year including the infamous New York Fashion Week, but if you don’t live in NY, don’t fret because I guarantee there are events happening somewhere in your area.

I will admit that when I first started my fashion blog, I wasn’t attending events or being invited to them after the first week. It took me a few months to actually start receiving invitations, but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t seeking events out and attending them before then.

My search started in my nearest “big” city – Philadelphia. I started by searching for Philadelphia fashion events to see who was holding them and to see what the fashion scene was in my area. I then began sending emails to these hosts to introduce myself and make myself known. I also made sure that when posting on Instagram that I used my area’s fashion hashtag (#phillyblogger). It is a great benefit to locate your area’s hashtag and use it on all of your Instagram posts. Many of my clients and the hosts of the events I attended actually found me through Instagram.

Through my search and the use of Instagram, I started to become invited to events within the first four months of starting my fashion blog. Since blogging, I have been invited to events such as the Primark Launch Party, Philly Fashion Week, and a variety of fashion shows such as the Vault Show and Beauty En Noir. The few events that I first attended, I simply posted about without a collaboration request, and because of the event coverage, I soon began receiving requests from clients to do event coverages for pay or for free product.

Though receiving payment and free products from events is a great benefit, the main benefit that you will receive from attending events is meeting new people, and that is absolutely important in the blogging world.

6 – Network With People

As mentioned above, attending events is more than receiving product. It is mostly about meeting people. You can meet people through attending events, joining networks, leaving comments, etc. And through meeting people, you began to make connections that can be beneficial for you as a fashion blogger.

In the events that I attended, I met many of my fellow Philadelphia fashion bloggers as well as photographers and make up artists in my area. By meeting all of these people, I have been able to gain exposure for my blog as well as collaborate with other bloggers and photographers on projects. Networking is key in the blogging world because it will open up so many doors for you.

In the recent months, I have met so many photographers that have been willing to photograph me for my blog. They also take the photographs and share them on their Instagram or portfolio site. These type of collaborations gain both you and the photographer exposure and it creates a relationship that is beneficial for the both of you.

Also through my network, I have met boutiques, small business owners, as well as other people working in the fashion world that have allowed me to grow my blog and my influence.

I cannot stress the importance of networking. It is a must for any blogger and especially a fashion blogger. So make sure that you get out there and meet people whether they are in your area or not. Just by reading my post and leaving a comment you are networking with me and creating a start to a potential relationship.

If you are a Philadelphia area blogger, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about the Philly fashion scene. I would be happy to introduce you to people and collaborate with you!

7 – Join Some Affiliate Programs

Most bloggers are looking to monetize their blog, and I am sure you are too. Joining some affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your blog. But I do recommend that you first work on improving your SEO and page views before beginning to work with affiliate programs. I say this from experience. Many programs will not accept bloggers with a low page view statistic and even if they do, you won’t make much money unless people are visiting your site.

Either way, here are a few suggestions for affiliate programs that I use to monetize my blog.

  • Style Moi – This brand features great clothing in a variety of styles, and with their fashion blogger club you can participate in competitions to create posts where you will be paid after the contest has finished. You can use this money to buy their clothes or simply cash out. I have purchased their clothes in the past and then created style posts where I have gained money from the post for the clicks.
  • ShopStyle Collective – This site allows you to find the products on their database that you feature in your style posts and create a widget at the bottom of your post for your readers to shop from. You gain money for clicks as well as purchases. This site also allows you to apply a link to your Instagram posts to monetize those posts as well.
  • Linqia – This platform often does posts where you receive money based on the amount of clicks you receive on your links. The total amount of possible income is based on your statistics, and the types of post vary depending on what is being offered and the niche you agree to work in.
  • RewardStyle – This system is similar to ShopStyle Collective, but you can only be brought into this system through invitation. You can apply for the invitation or have another blogger refer you. This commission is a little higher on this platform and many fashion bloggers use it for their posts and Instagram.


I hope that you found this guide useful. These are the practices and methods that I use as a fashion blogger and they have proven me success. Over the past months I have done nothing but grow exponentially in the fashion world and it is because of the methods that I have used mentioned above.

As always, I make myself available to help bloggers who need a little advice to push their blog to the next level. So if yo have any questions you can contact me directly, leave your question in the comments, or if you are already an established blogger and would like to add a suggestion, please feel free to do so.

Comment below with anything you would like to ask or say. And let me know what brands you are hoping to work with as you develop yourself as a fashion blogger.

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