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One of the many questions that I get from those around me who are starting out in blogging or do not blog but are interested in what I do is: “How do you manage to get all of this done while doing everything else?”

Let’s face it, as bloggers, you have to pay your dues to become that full-time blogger. And those dues can take years. In the meantime, you’re dealing with your full-time job, managing the blog, and trying to have a life. For me that means, teaching high school students (which includes grading, planning, etc.), managing a blog (photoshoots, events, emails, etc.), planning a wedding, and trying to manage not to lose all of your friends in the meantime.

It can be very difficult and completely exhausting, but the best way to keep yourself together and get it all done is by mastering the art of multi-tasking. And I’m here to share my secrets with you on how I get everything done.

One of my secrets is using the right tools. Recently, I was provided with the Coolpad Conjr which has improved my multi-tasking strategies and made things so much easier when it comes to blogging.

coolpad conjr

As a blogger, there is a lot that needs to be done. To prepare for just one blog post, you need to schedule it in your editorial calendar, plan out a photoshoot, decide on the angle of the post, write up the content, put together links, and schedule for the post to go live. Then after, there is social media shares to make sure the post is successful.

That’s basically a full time responsibility. Here’s what I do to balance out the responsibilities of blogging along with having a separate full time job.

  1. Keep Yourself Organized – Being organized is the key to running a successful blog. It is important to have everything where it is supposed to be so that it is easy to find. A lot of my files and photos were lost and due to disorganization and the fact that I kept a lot of my blog items on my personal phone – such as pictures. My photos would be jumbled together with my personal photos and either I would delete them or forget to post them to my social media. Now, with my Coolpad Conjr, I keep my files separate and organized. No more having to delete my personal photos from my phone due to not having enough storage and I can keep all my blog files in one place. This has also helped me to be able to have myself organized enough so that if I need to pass on tasks, I don’t have to give over my personal property.
  2. Manage Your Time + Space – I keep a calendar for my entire life. But it has become hard due to my calendar being filled with blog items, wedding appointments, personal events, etc. When my calendar began to become to clustered with things and rainbow color coded, I started separating my calendars which put me into having multiple physical calendars. But now I keep myself organized by maintaining a calendar that I can use with my blog resources (on my Coolpad Conjr) and one for all my other personal events. This has also freed up space on my personal phone and when I am in my office, I can shut myself away from personal phone calls to get more work done.
  3. Plan Ahead – My editorial calendar is kept with posts scheduled for months ahead. This has guaranteed my frequency in posting and keeping up with partnerships and collaborations – especially ones with due dates embedded into the contract. By keeping posts scheduled ahead of time, there is always the ability to move the posts around.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Share Tasks – When I first started blogging, I heard that so many other bloggers had interns or were reaching out to various experts to take on tasks – basically bringing on a person assistant. Part of me wanted someone to help me manage, but the other part of me was afraid to give over certain tasks because that meant giving up passwords. But now, I can give over those tasks without giving out personal information. I have been able to delegate certain tasks by just handing over my Coolpad Conjr which has all of my accounts linked for assistants or interns to work on. No need to share my passwords with everything already being logged in. All I have to do is add that person’s fingerprint to provide access to the phone for all the work.
  5. Network + Work Together – Going to networking events is the key to growing your blog. I have attended various events that have brought me together with other people in the industry such as photographers, social media managers, etc. By me connecting with them, I have been able to work with them and grow together with them. By doing this, I am also putting a little work off of myself. For example, I used to take my own photos for my blog. Setting up the tri-pod and going through the editing phase was so difficult. Now, I mix together with having my fiance take my photos and me doing the editing, and with local photographers working with me on photoshoots.

I will openly admit that I am still working on mastering the art of multitasking when it comes to my blog, and with the Coolpad Conjr being the newest addition to my blogger toolbox, my multitasking has severely improved.

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