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I must admit that I absolutely love how Philadelphia is growing more and more in the fashion and beauty industry. Just in the past month and a half, I have been to at least 5 different events and that is unusual for the Fall season – especially in Philly.

Just this last weekend, I was invited to attend an event featuring a New York up-and-coming nail polish brand: Breukelen Polished (said like Brooklyn) at the Miss Mahogany boutique.

At the event, I was able to meet the founders of the brand, Ariel Terry and Tauaishu Porter, who are both Brooklyn natives and who are both focused on providing a nail polish that is perfect for the well manicured beauty.

breukelen polished

The polish shades of Breukelen Polished are all inspired by places in Brooklyn, NY. Their website states: “The names of our lacquers are either staple items from our childhood, phrases from our Brooklyn lingo or iconic figures from our town.” It is the individuality of each shade that brings this nail polish to a level not reached by polishes sold in local stores.

Though the names of each of the shades are especially unique, the grand aspect of this polish brand is that the whole collection is non-toxic. Breukelen Polished does not sell any polishes with harmful carcinogens – Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Methylene Glycol/Formalin, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor. 

This is a brand that is promoting a healthy lifestyle through beauty and it is absolutely wonderful. Many nail polishes contain harsh chemicals that dry out the skin, have negative effects to your nail beds and cuticles, and even can cause cancer. And who wants that?!


While attending the event and learning about the Breukelen Polished, I was treated like a queen and given a fabulous manicure. Both of the girls spoke to me about the different shades while I awaited to make a final decision on what was going to be my shade for the day.

Typically, I am a girl who either goes with the clear coat or a very neutral shade, but the founders pushed by limits and challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and they chose for me a bright vibrant shade called: The Bois.

nail polish

I will admit that I was hesitant to have this shade put on my nails and when they walked away to speak with other supporters attending the event, I started looking at the more neutral shades such as Mr. Softy and Chill SonBut after some nudging and some much-needed reassurance, the bright blue was on and there I was.

Since the weekend, I have gotten so many compliments for my nails and after about four days, I have not seen one chip – this nail polish lasts long which is a major plus in my book. Long lasting beauty products are the way to go for a woman on the move. There’s not time for reapplying nail polish every few days.

nail polish

The Breukelen Polished line is sold online and each polish costs about $10.

You can stay connected with the brand by following them on Instagram and Facebook!

Also, make sure to visit their site to take a look at all of the shades from Breukelen Polished, and also to stay up to date with any upcoming events that may be coming to your area.

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  1. Laura Kathleen @LauraAimeVous
    November 13, 2015 / 3:05 am

    I love a bold nail color! You’re rocking this girl!