CaitlynMinimalist – Custom Jewelry + Coupon

caitlyn minimalist

This past month I was so lucky to get in contact with an amazing Etsy seller. Kate Kim of CaitlynMinimalist creates gorgeous custom jewelry pieces at great prices.

(Please note that this item was sent to me for review purposes by CaitlynMinimalist, but the opinions are 100% my own. Please review my PR/Disclaimer for more information on my review process/policies.)

CaitlynMinimalist creates and sells 100% handcrafted sterling silver jewelry in the design that you want. Her pieces include bangles, bracelets, rings, and necklaces in both gold and silver.

When I first began collaborating with Kate, she made sure that every detail of my piece was to my liking and that is was a custom jewelry piece that I liked. I was able to choose the phrase, the size of the bangle (considering her suggestions), the font, and how the wording was stylized. With her as the specialist, I was guided through the process of customizing my own piece so that we both could create a bangle that would be not only fashionable but comfortable.

personalized jewelry personalized jewelry

I decided to request a quoted design in a silver bangle. My quote matched my LivingLesh tagline – “Simply living is not being alive”.

personalized jewelry personalize jewelry

Her vast array of design options are phenomenal. You can get a piece of jewelry that has the basic of a name or you could customize your piece with a little more sophistication and have it be a monogrammed design or a full phrase.

Her items are great gifts for many occasions and holidays – you can buy this for your graduate or get this as a gift for your bridesmaids to wear to your wedding. With my own wedding planning beginning, I will definitely be considering this as a gift to give to them. Also, if you are thinking of a gift to give to a man in your life – father, brother, husband, groomsmen in your wedding – she also offers personalized tie clips.

Kate’s customer service is exceptional and she has a very quick shipping rate. Once the design has been finalized she guarantees a 2-3 week turnaround time and a 3-5 day shipping. Her items range between $25 – $60 (before shipping) and if you look below, you will find an special LivingLesh coupon code.

personalize jewelry

How can you resist not looking at the CaitlynMinimalist Etsy site as well as checking out the Facebook page?

caitlyn minimalist

And if you are interested in purchasing a great custom designed jewelry piece like mine? Of course you are!

To get 15% off your order – use code LIVINGLESH and keep an eye out for wonderful new designs from CaitlynMinimalist.