A “Grown Up” Skincare Routine with Colleen Rothschild

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Skincare is something that is highly important to me. In my style posts, you’ll see me recommending different cosmetic products to get to help with combination or oily skin. But before you can even get to using the correct makeup product, it is important to take care of your skin.

For awhile, I was treating my skin as if it was the same skin I had when I was a teenager. And it isn’t. My skin has changed. And though I am seeing the some of the same problems that I saw 10 years ago, I have to realize that it is time to take a different approach on how to take care of my skin. Though the same problems are apparent, those problems are not being caused by the same things as they were before.

After attempting to use a lot of beauty brands that kept my skin clear during my teenage years and realizing that nothing was changing my skin, I decided it was time to take the “adult” approach and try a different skincare line – Collen Rothschild.

When I first looked around the Colleen Rothschild website, I was specifically looking for a regimen that would focus on combating the oiliness of my face, dealing with the breakouts that I get from stress, and something that would get rid of the fine lines that are starting to form on my face. That’s when I found these collection of products that have improved the quality of my skin and have allowed me to wear my makeup during the day at work – a time when I am stressing the most.



On the Colleen Rothschild site, you’ll find a section labeled routines where you’ll be able to find product sets that are built for your lifestyle. I am big on masks and treatments that help to improve my skin through a set routine. In my busy schedule, I sometimes need to take time to schedule when to treat my skin.

One of the routines that I found that has been working for me is the bi-weekly routine set which includes the Clarifying Detox Mask and the Dual Enzyme Polish.

Every Sunday evening (bi-weekly), I use this set. And what reminds me is my pay-day. I get paid bi-weekly, so the week that I get paid, I know it’s time to pay my skin and  give it the refresh that it needs.

This bi-weekly routine works to deeply exfoliate my skin, work on decreasing fine lines, providing an extra boost of moisture, and working to combat any stress related issues that have been caused. The routine doesn’t take long and it is a perfect routine to do while getting ready before bed for your next day of work or while sitting in bed reading that chapter you’ve taken longer to get through than you thought you would.


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Any time I see serum, I automatically think it’s going to be the answer to all my skincare problems. But that isn’t always the case with all products that I have tried. And believe me, I’ve tried a lot. Just ask the people at Sephora, they know me from the multiple times I keep coming in and trying out new products that someone told me would work.

A lot of the oiliness that I get on my skin is from my t-zone being extremely dry. With the dryness, my skin overcompensates and produces a lot of oil which then looks like my face is just dripping with shine and oiliness. I learned that the best way to fix that is to hydrate the skin, but the skin cannot be effectively hydrates if dead skin cells are covering your pores.

I started using Colleen Rothschild’s Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum at night after cleansing my face. After using the product, my face felt fresh though slightly dry. Right after using, I put on my moisturizer and immediately felt a change. My skin was absorbing the hydrating and retaining it. No longer was my moisturizer just sitting on the top of my skin being completely useless. The serum works to lightly exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells that aren’t doing anything but preventing your skin to absorb moisture therefore making you oily.


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I mentioned that I was very prone to treating my skin as if it was the same skin as when I was a teenager. The reason for that is because I still get frequent breakouts. At least once a week, I would wake up to find myself with a stray breakout on my forehead or one of my cheeks. Then I would find myself caking on concealer to cover it up as much as I can, forgoing the natural makeup look I usually go with.

The Salicylic Treatment Complex by Colleen Rothschild is a product that you’ll need if you’re like me and have those breakouts coming in every once and awhile. As adults, we stress. We are bound to breakout. In the evening, when I see a small indication of a breakout, I would put this treatment over the breakout as directed. Then in the morning, the breakout would be gone with no sign that it was even there. The treatment is made for acne prone skin and works to promote clear, blemish-free skin.

No more spot treatment “oils” that actually dry out your skin more than they actually help. I need something that is going to deal with my adult acne while also dealing with the other issues that my adult skin now has to deal with.


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In my college years, I used to be really big on using toner. Then soon I realized that the toner was actually making my combination skin a lot worse because it was drying out my t-zone which was then causing the oiliness. So, out went the toner. And ever since I have been looking for a product that would bring me the benefits of a toner without drying out my skin.

Colleen Rothschild’s Beauty Water seems to be the product that is doing just those things. This toning mist not only bring me hydration but helps to even out my skin tone during wear. This product actually works to boost your moisturizer’s power, giving your skin more hydration. So now that you have your pores opened and not covered by those skin cells, you use your moisturizer and this beauty water to give your skin the drink that it has been dying to have for quite some time.

I use this at two times in the day. First, I use this in the evening by spaying a cotton pad with the water and using it as if it was my usual toner – letting it work on boosting the hydration overnight and working on evening my skin tone.

Then in the morning, I use this as a setting spray (before putting on my mascara – that is very important to keep in mind because your mascara will run). The Beauty Water actually helps to set my makeup while also getting to my moisturizer and providing my skin with another drink before heading out for the day. Recently, I’ve gotten a very small spay bottle from the dollar store so I can carry around a small amount of the Beauty Water around during the day when I need a refresh.



Everyone appreciates a good cleanser, and the Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm is one that works above the others. As a person that is in love with makeup, I need a cleanser that will remove all of my makeup at the end of the day so that I don’t have to use multiple products. This balm does just that. With the included cleansing cloth, you can clean off the makeup and all the impurities of the day.

And what I found, is that it doesn’t make my skin feel completely dry right after using it like some cleansers are known to do. I feel like I can walk away from my vanity without having to use my moisturizer. I still do because I have that dry t-zone that needs extra love. But if you’re not one to have dry skin, you may have the opportunity to take a step back from using so much moisturizer.


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