How to Be a Confident Blogger in 2018

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So I’m going to vent for a second, and just share with you one of my pet peeves. Now, I love sharing my passion with people, and I am very open to answering questions with how I run my blog and how I am trying to further it as a business. But it really bothers me when someone says that they want to become a blogger just to receive free product. Or when someone says that being a blogger can’t be that hard because we just take pictures, post them, and get free stuff.

The truth is that’s about 10% of what we do. As a blogger/influencer, we have to work so hard to put ourselves out there. We have to so hard to work to make our brand connect with our audience. I can’t count the amount of times that I considered giving my blog up because I sacrificed time with my husband, family, and friends. Or in the beginning, when I felt that I was investing so much time, energy, and money into my blog and I was not seeing any kind of return. It’s hard work, just like any other job.

And what’s even more is that as a blogger, you must have the confidence to put yourself out there in a time where there in a saturated field with amazing influencers who are doing 50x better than you and find the confidence to keep going. Especially during a day and age where there is so much cyber-bullying, discrimination, and harassment. Yes, there have been times where someone has left a comment, sent me an email or even sent a DM saying how they can’t believe that I would post my pictures with the way I look. I have been harassed and put down on many occasions. There was one moment when even another blogger was insulting me on Instagram and I considered deleting my blog and all of my social media and just giving up. But I looked myself in the mirror and said that I was proud of who I am and kept going.

My confidence comes from the support of my friends and family as well as the blogging community that I am apart of. And that would be the one main tip that I would give about being a confident blogger. Find those who support you and what you do, and then find a blogging community filled with people who are going through the same trials as you are and bond together.

When I was in that low moment and thinking about quitting, it was another blogger who talked to me about the situation and kept me going. Even now, as I think that I wake up and look gross or I can’t come to a full reason as to why I keep doing it – it is my husband, mother, sister, my students, my photographer, my friends…it is everyone around me that knows how much I love being a blogger that gives me the confidence to keep going.

As a blogger, when you need a photographer, it is always best to find one that is not just going to treat you like a client, but treat you as a friend. And I am so fortunate to have found a photographer that not only helps my blog to grow, but involves me in her work as well. And shares things in life with me. We have been growing together and through her confidence, I also find confidence.

So to those out there who help me to keep this blog going — I say thank you.

And to those out there who are bloggers dealing with someone tearing them down or if you are someone who is about to start your own blog and isĀ  a little hesitant to put yourself out there, just know that you are ready and you can do this if this is something that you really love and want to dedicate your all to. I’ll be there with you.


{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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