Where did you get your nickname?

My nickname actually came from a mistake that turned into a joke between me and my friends. When I send emails, my signature comes up with an uppercase ‘I’ that actually looked like a lowercase ‘l’ – people would respond to my emails and call me Lesha and it drove me insane. My friends turned it into a joke, but after awhile I embraced it and my closest friends now use it as my nickname.

What’s your height?

According to the doctors, I’m a few quarter inches short of 5’4″. Technically, I’m 5’3″ and three-quarters but I just round up to make it simpler. In the fashion world, I’m petite.

What are you sizes?

I’m a size small in the top; a size 2 or size small in the bottom; my shoe size is a 7.5.

Are you married?

Yes. As of April 29th, 2017!

What are your favorite stores/brands?

Honestly, I love to shop anywhere that there is a sale. It allows me to get the pieces that I want at a price that I adore. But if I had to pick, I would say Primark, Forever 21 and H&M. 

What items do you splurge on?

Shoes!! I have a shoe obsession, but one thing that’s important to me when it comes to shoes is that they are comfortable and stylish. Sometimes I find a shoe that I feel I must have, and I know that if I wait for it to go on sale it will sell out in my size. So, I splurge on shoes because I save everywhere else. 

What’s your shopping budget?

I aim to have one complete outfit under $75. This includes shoes, top, bottom, and accessories. Most of the time I actually can buy a complete outfit under this price, but I keep $75 as my absolute maxim and make sure to buy pieces that go with various outfits to distribute the item’s worth. 

Do you have a question? Please ask! I’ll answer you directly and add it to this list! Contact me or email – Lesh@LivingLesh.com