How to Find Your Wedding Nail Color with Barielle Nails


About a month after I found my perfect wedding dress (see how you can find yours here), someone asked me: “How are you going to style your nails for your wedding day?”

When the question was asked, I looked at her in complete shock. Had I thought about how I was going to style my hair? Yes. Had I thought about what style of shoe I was going to wear? Of course! But my nails? I hadn’t even given it one second of a thought.

After giving it some thought, I realized that my nail color was important for my wedding day. As a bride, I want to be completely decked out from head to toe. But as a girl who doesn’t go to the nail salon more than three times a year (basically for special occasions), I didn’t know what I was going to do.

If you’re like me, you want to have your nails done but you still want it to show off your wedding theme and keep to your personal style. But here are some things that every bride needs to make sure of when it comes to her nails.

  1. Find a lacquer that will last – don’t want it chipping before you even walk down the isle.
  2. Don’t have it outshine you!
  3. Make sure that it shows off who you are and that you are comfortable with it. Don’t let someone talk you into a design that is just not for you.

After considering a few of these things, I came to find a brand that I can use now and for my wedding day.

Barielle Nails is a nail care brand that not only considers your style and focuses on making sure your nails are bright and vibrant. But they are a brand that focuses on keeping your nails healthy and strong.

I suffer from brittle nails. My nails are constantly breaking, chipping, and layers just peel right off. My nails grow, but they don’t grow strong.

So when I spoke to someone about finding the exact look and my wants for my wedding nail, Barielle gave me just the products that I needed.

Wondering how you can get your perfect nail, whether you are a bride or not. Here’s how…

barielle nails

1 – Make a list of your needs when it comes to your perfect nail style. Take in to consideration how long you want your nails to last and how you want it to reflect you. For me, I wanted to keep it basic. I didn’t want a very bright and over the top design, because I didn’t want my nails to be the center of attention.

After you’ve made a list of those important factors, find the key products that you will need to use. barielle base coat barielle nail cream

2 – Start at the base. Find a cream, like the Barielle daily strengthening cream, that focuses on the health of your nails. By taking care of your nails and focusing on its health, you’ll build stronger nails that will not only have them grow naturally long, but will allow your nails to not break as easily. Meaning, your manicure will last longer and you won’t have to spend money or time fixing up what has been broken or chipped.

Also, find a good base coat for your manicure. For me, I used the protein building base coat that adds much needed vitamin E to my nails which prevents my  nails from peeling. I’ll have stronger nails that will last longer. Barielle has a variety of base coats that focuses on the needs of any nail struggle. barielle nail color

3 – Now it’s time to find your perfect color. Take into account what your theme is and how it is going to match your outfit. For brides, you can wear a color that matches your bridesmaids to bring in that connection and to connect to your theme.

My bridal style brought me to picking out a shade of lavender to go with my wedding colors & two neutral colors to keep everything toned down. I’m not sure which colors I’ll wear for my wedding day. I’m leaning more towards the neutral colors because I don’t want too much going on. But with Barielle, you can choose from a variety of different shades with the Prosina formula.

Prosina is a keratin formula that enhances the color, protects your nails, and builds your nail strength while you are wearing it. To me, that is everything that any girl needs for better, stronger and more luxurious nails. nail base coat neutral nail color manicure barielle nails protect plus color barielle neutral barielle purple

Now you’re ready. You have your perfect nails that show off your and your style. What else do you need? Take this tips into account and make sure to stop by Barielle for all your nail needs. I’ve been testing out looks and styles with my Barielle nail colors, and I’ve already started seeing the difference in my nail strength.

For my brides, what colors/style are you wearing for your wedding day? And for my girls who have been brides, what style did you use? I’m ready for some inspiration.

And for the ladies who are not brides yet, what is your day to day style for a manicure? Tell me about your looks in the comments. Better yet, show me!

Thank you to Barielle and Shopping Links for sponsoring this post. Opinions are 100% my own. 


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      You’re very welcome! I read that your wedding is coming up soon. Your invitation tips were amazing and very helpful!