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the rittenhouse space & club

I’ve been making a lot of decisions lately when it comes to my wedding. The clock is counting down and as the date gets closer, so many more decisions need to be made. Of course, as a bride, there are the bigger things to consider such as the ceremony and reception venues, everyone’s attire, the cake, the invitations, the decor….oh! so many things!

And as all these bigger aspects are being decided on, I often need a reminder about the little things. Recently, I posted on two small considerations when it came to my bridal decisions. You can see those posts here and here.

Even after thinking of those little thing, I still need reminders of all the other things that I need to consider such as hair and makeup, shoes, gifts, flower girl baskets…the list goes on and on.

Many of my bridesmaids, and my mother, have asked me what I am doing for my hair and what style the bridesmaids will be wearing. Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about it yet. I have ideas, but nothing set in stone as of yet.

I started thinking harder about that, and when I tried to focus on that decision, I was reminded of other decisions that I needed to make. At the end of the day, what I really needed was some extra relaxation.

And I found it!

Right in the middle of Philadelphia is a wonderful hotel that holds an even better spa & salon – the Rittenhouse Spa & Club.

When I found the Rittenhouse, it was like magic. It had everything that I needed to as a bride. It had hair and most importantly it had relaxation.

So as always, I’m going to take you along for my journey so that I can give you the deep insight of how you can get your bridal needs taken care of at the Rittenhouse Spa & Club.
the rittenhouse spa rittenhouse spa

Once you make it to the Rittenhouse, just take the elevator to the third floor and you are ready for your experience.

Entering into the Rittenhouse Spa & Club is luxury within itself. I didn’t have to lift a finger for barely anything. I checked in, filled out my preferences, and then I was taken back to the women’s locker room so that I could change into my robe.

After my quick change, I was welcomed into the relaxation lounge where I could grab some tea and enjoy some small snacks – they had marshmellows…yum!

The plush lounge was so comfortable. The lights were dimmed for a relaxed feel and I could have fallen asleep on the couches if they had left me there long enough.

Within a few minutes of sitting, I was welcomed by my masseuse and led back to my private room for my experience.
rittenhouse spa

Let me tell you about all the wonderful spa services that the Rittenhouse Spa & Club offers, and then I’ll tell you abut my magnificent experience.

First, I was in a double room for my service, which tells you that the spa offers couples massages.

You know that you and your fiance are going to need a very big day of relaxation either before or after the wedding, and the Rittenhouse knows that. They want to take care of both of you and make sure that you both share the moment of relaxation together before jumping back out into your responsibilities. For this session, I didn’t bring my fiance. I needed a moment to myself.

Among the many services, the Rittenhouse Spa & Club has a full service for the bride called the Polish & Primp. It is a three-month beauty and well being program for the bride-to-be. It is very customizable, but is well designed to get brides ready for their big day.

Here’s the low-down from the Rittenhouse Spa & Club:
Included in this three-month package is a membership to our club, access to your own wellness coach (who will help you design a nutritional and fitness program to suit your exact needs), 34 personal training sessions, a slew of beauty and spatreatments (including day of beauty) and 10% off any retail purchases. Please see below for each month’s breakdown of services, which can be customized:
Month 1

o   90 minute Diamond Rose Body Treatment – to help relax and get skin in tip top shape with one of the spa‘s most luxurious treatments

o   60 minute Custom or Diamond White Facial (an aesthetician will assess the bride’s needs and develop a facial series designed to make her skin perfect for her wedding day)

o   60 minute Wellness Coaching session (will create a custom nutritional and fitness plan to help the bride accomplish her goals, in addition to private sessions they will have unlimited contact with their wellness coach)

o   12 60 minute personal training sessions (to coincide with their wellness plan and focus on whatever the bride needs – from dropping a few pounds to toning up their arms for a sleeveless dress)

Month 2

o   Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial 

o   60 minute Rittenhouse Massage 

o   60 minute Custom Facial 

o   Two 60 minute Wellness Coaching sessions

o   12 60 minute personal training sessions

o   Full set of lash extensions 

Month 3

o   60 minute Therapeutic massage 

o   60 minute Custom Facial 

o   60 minute Wellness coaching session

o   10 60 minute personal training sessions

o   Custom Airbrush tan w/ Enzyme exfoliating treatment (two days prior) 

o   Lash refill 

o   Shellac Signature Manicure 

o   Signature Pedicure 

o   Day of Bridal Hair & Makeup 

From the personal training to the day of beauty – everything is taken care of and the bride only has to show up at Philadelphia’s top spa where she will receive unparalleled service. The spa can even develop special packages for the groom or bridal party!

For my personal experience, I received the 90 minute Diamond Rose Body treatment. And oh, how it did help me to relax.

The bed that I laid on was entirely heated. The room was downcasted with dim light and serene sounds of music played in the background.

During the treatment, my legs, arms, back and shoulders were well massaged and treated with rose body oil which left my skin feeling silky smooth for days past. Actually, it has been 3 days and my skin still feels smooth even after taking multiple showers.

I did not have to much movement and honestly felt well taken care of.

I could go on and on about this experience, but it is a magnificent one that you need to experience for yourself. But if you need a little more insight, don’t be afraid to ask me in the comments or send me a quick note – I’ll be happy to help.

Also, this is a great place to put on your bachelorette party spa stop. They offer amazing packages to take care of you and your supporting ladies.

rittenhouse spa

After my 90 minutes was done, I was escorted back to the relaxation lounge where I was offered to be served some tea and welcome to relax there for as long as I liked. But me and my maid of honor, Kristen, who had come with me, had something else in mind.

So I quickly returned to the locker room, got dressed, and we walked right back to the reception desk to check in for a hair appointment.

Now, I’ll be honest, I did not get my hair done. I have some idea of what I want done, but I need to consider it more. It needs to be perfect.

But since my maid of honor was with me, I treated her to a stylish blowout so that we could try out some hair styles for the bridesmaids. And I think we have a winner!

The Ritthenhouse Spa & Club salon area is fully equipped and very spacious. If you’re in the mood, you can even order from a small menu to get small plates and drinks while you’re having your hair done.

Even if you’re not looking to have your hair done, they also offer nail and beauty services.

Basically, the Rittenhouse Spa & Club has everything to meet your needs.

rittenhouse salon rittenhouse salon

Going into the salon, we had absolutely no idea what we wanted to do to Kristen’s hair. We just wanted a look that is down and look wedding ready. Our stylist like the challenge of creating something that we would like and made sure to take care of Kristen and allow me to give input as needed. Something that I think is essential w hen ti comes to working with brides.

rittenhouse salon the rittenhouse

After a good, warm, and relaxing wash, Kristen was brought back to the chair for her blowout. The stylist took her time to make sure to protect Kristen’s hair and to make sure that we received the desired look.

Instead of blow drying and then using a flat iron to straighten it, our stylist carefully used a rounded brush and the blow dryer to go through each section of Kristen’s hair to give it body and bounce with the hot air.

The stylist was extra friendly too. She actually now might know more about my wedding than some of my bridesmaids, but that is either here nor there. Let’s just focus on the fact that this stylist, as are the rest of the staff, was so friendly and personable.

Rittenhouse - Hair salon the rittenhouse club the rittenhouse salon

When the blowout was finished, Kristen’s hair was extra bouncy and full of body. In looking at the picture above, she had a complete look already. But we knew we needed something a little more, and though we could not put our hands on it, our stylist knew exactly what to do.

With the use of her curling iron she added some curly waves to Kristen’s hair and give here the wedding ready look that we needed. It was too bad that we had no where to go right after that appointment, but at least now we have the exact look that we want for the wedding, and I know exactly where to go to when we need it for the various wedding festivities. And if we have enough time, we might just visit the salon the morning before the wedding.
Rittenhouse - Hair salon blowout


Please let us marvel at the finished product of my maid of honor’s hair. She’s probably going to hate me for posting this picture of her, but I couldn’t resist.

Our experience at the Rittenhouse Spa & Club was absolutely marvelous. We even visited the in-house restaurant on the third floor where we were able to get drinks and some small plates.

Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful experience and the Rittenhouse Spa & Club is on the top of my list for more bridal services that I need as they come along.

So for all my brides out there in the Philadelphia area, make sure to head to the Rittenhouse Spa & Club for a wonderful bridal experience.

And even if you’re not a bride and live or plan to visit Philadelphia, make this one of your stops.

the rittenhouse spa & club

Thank you to Rittenhouse Spa & Club for having me and my maid of honor for these services. This post is sponsored, but opinions are 100% my own. 

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