Glossybox x Rituals

glossybox x ritual

Glossybox collaborated with Rituals for a one of a kind limited edition box that featured products from the Rituals brand that are not only a signature fragrance but products that are much needed for the cold weather months.

When I first received the box, I was immediately attracted to it. Before you even open the box, you smell the fresh floral aroma permeating out of the box.

The box is beautifully wrapped in the signature RITUALS OF SAKURA box that is decorated with cherry blossom petals. When I pulled the Rituals box out of the Glossybox packaging, I loved it so much that I didn’t even want to open the box and unwrap the products.

But that’s just the packaging, let’s talk about the amazing products that are found in this box.

glossyboxritual of sakura

ritual ginkgo's secret
ritual ginkgo's secret


When I buy hand creams, I usually share them with my students. I leave it on my desk next to the pencils and pens they are allowed to borrow for their day to day use. They love it. But this hand balm, I’m keeping to myself because I don’t want it to run out anytime soon.

It has an amazing fragrance that is full of natural smells that are calming. It is a great balm to help preserve manicures and to keep your hands smooth and refreshed.

ritual shower scrub


This fragrant cream is amazing to put on right after the shower. It has a milk like feel and makes the skin feel smooth and nourished after the hot water has dried out my skin. The vitamin E and Centella Asiatica (a medical herb usually used in traditional Chinese medicine) provides healing properties that help to not only moisturize the skin but also bring it back to baby smooth texture.

I’ve used this almost every time I get out of the shower and I love the way my skin feels. You know that feeling you get after you moisturize your skin and your legs rub against your sheets as you get ready for bed – it’s that feeling, but so much more.

shower scrub
ritual shower scrub


This shower scrub has been amazing for my skin. I’ve been using this for my pre-wedding skin care. At least once a week, I use this exfoliating shower scrub. It not only removes dead skin but it has been helping to return a glow to my skin and get rid of some of the scars and imperfections that I have on my back.

This shower scrub has rice elements in it which makes the scrub such a great exfoliate.

ritual shower oil
ritual shower oil


This shower oil when mixed with water becomes a silky foam. It is great to use right after a scrub to add the moisture right back into your skin before leaving the shower. The oil has a cherry blossom scent and contains properties of rice milk and essential oils.

It has been known to help prolong tans and reduce pigment loss.

ritual bed & body
ritual bed & body


I thought about saving this spray for my wedding, but I am in love with it. It has a rich smell that helps to play off the scrubs and creams from the Rituals line. I have been using it day to day because the scent is just so attractive and refreshing. The floral aroma is irresistible.

The product even recommends that you spray it on your sheets or in your washing machine to give your entire home a beautiful floral smell.

glossybox ritual

This box originally went on sale on February 27th and is available for purchase for $25 (for Glossybox subscribers) and $30 (non-subscribers). If you decide to become a subscriber, which I recommend, you’ll be a part of their subscription services that delivers monthly boxes of a mixture of full size and smaller size beauty products valued over $95. The monthly plan is only $21 per month, but you can get a discount if you pay for a multi-month plan.

So what are you waiting for, head to Glossybox and subscribe for the monthly plan and purchase the limited edition GLOSSYBOX x RITUALS box.

glossybox ritual ritual of sakura

Thank you to Glossybox for collaborating with me on this post. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.