How to Get Through the Hardship of “Adulting”

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In college, we used to joke about how hard it was to be an adult – the process that is called “adulting”. At that time, we knew that it was inevitable and most of the things we did were somewhat adult-like. I, personally, delayed the beginning of my full adult life in a way. Right out of undergrad, I didn’t go into the working world. I stayed in school and pursued my master’s degree. At the time, I was able to live with family members and still be supported by my parents. Then, when it was time to graduate, I not only was thrown into the situation where I had to start my career, I was also planning a wedding, moving into my first apartment with my fiance, buying a new car, and taking on bills that I didn’t have to pay before. It was a rush, and for awhile, I felt like I was drowning. But now looking back at it all and seeing that I survived, I realize that it wasn’t as hard.

The key to dealing with the hardship of “adulting” is to know that you are not alone. Your parents have gone through it. Your friends are also going through it. If you have older siblings, they have dealt with it recently too. And if you’re in a relationship, you both are going through it or, if one is older than the other, then he/she might have gone through it already. Tat means that there are plenty of people who can help you, and there is no shame in asking for help. When I was dealing with the hardship, the first two people I called were my mom and my sister. Sometimes, I even called my dad. They were able to guide me and share their experiences so I can get through each moment on my own.

I mean there is a lot to do when you become an adult that is way different from the responsibility that you take on when you are in college. Each day you learn something new, and though it can be hard, it is rewarding in the end because you are growing as a person.

Many people don’t like going through the hardship, but I am definitely enjoying this ride. Just take a deep breath and talk to someone. Hey, you can even reach out and talk to me. I’m still getting through the hardships as my husband and I are growing in our marriage and trying to plan out our lives. Don’t take it as a task that is going to weigh you down.

You can do it.


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