2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

gifts under $50


The holiday season is officially here, and you know what that means…

It’s time for holiday gift guides, style inspiration, and maybe even some holiday recipes to be shared. I’m super excited about this holiday season, because it is my first holiday married to my husband. And though we have been together for five years prior to our marriage, it still feels like something new.

To kick off my holiday season on LivingLesh, I’m sharing with you my first gift guide – holiday gifts under $50! It’s a fabulous guide filled with must-haves of the season. And moving into the upcoming weeks, I’ll be releasing more gift guides and putting them on a one-stop-shop page for you (Holiday Gift Guides) which you can also find under my Holiday tab in the search bar. Make sure to keep updated with that tab as I will be also featuring holiday looks, shop pages for the holidays, a shop specifically for Black Friday, and my 15 Days of Holiday Giveaways starting on November 27th.

So here it is, my first gift guide of the 2017 season! You’ll find some amazing gifts for her that are sure to “wow” this holiday season. My favorite pieces are the red velvet shoes and the pink beanie. (Hint to those gift giving friends and family members that are reading this).

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