Holiday Gift Guide: For Mom

gift guide for mom

Shopping for Mom during the holiday season can be hard, but don’t worry, I’m here with a gift guide to provide you with a few suggestions about what to get her. Each gift is built for every mom and I guarantee that whatever you choose to get her she will love, but if you are looking to up your gifting game this season then this gift guide will do just that.

  1. iPad Mini 4 – My mom is always on the go and even when she has time to sit down, she’s not content with not working on some things or just playing some games. And if you have a mother who is just like mine, I would recommend getting an iPad for her. In my opinion, iPads give those who use it the ability to be able to do work while running errands such as taking the young ones to their doctors appointments. It also allows for viewing recipes while cooking and if she wants to read in bed but doesn’t want to buy a bunch of books, the iPad has the capability of allowing her to grab a book and read it late at night.
  2. Nambe Coffee and Tea Collection – Almost everyone has a Keurig in their home, and with that it becomes essential to find a product to organize all the K-Cups instead of having all of them scattered in drawers or on the counter. With this coffee and tea collection, this allows the mother who needs her morning coffee and/or nightly tea to keep her kitchen looking stylish and luxurious. You can pick and choose which parts you would like to have in your collection to make up the perfect gift for mom.
  3. Cusinart Coffe Maker + Hot Water System – Every mom needs her morning coffee or at least a hot tea. So gift mom with the perfect coffee maker that is not the Keurig that everyone has, because believe me, it is getting a little old and blended coffee is better than coffee from a little K-cup. What makes this system so great is that it also has a hot water system which allows mom to also make her tea from this or a cup of hot chocolate instead of turning on the stove to heat up the tea kettle or putting the mug in the stove. If my mom didn’t already have a Keurig (which she bought herself), I would be trying to get her this.
  4. Michael Kors Handbag – I know, I know…you’re probably thinking that it really isn’t worth it to but your mother another expensive handbag because she already has like 15 purses. Well, if she doesn’t have one by Michael Kors, then you can definitely wow her this holiday season by buying her one of these. This brand of handbags will leave mom in awe and give her the luxury handbag that she has been wanting for the longest time.
  5. Kate Spade Pearl Place Vase Collection – Mom gets flowers on so many occasions and the one thing that she has to do right after receiving flowers is to find a vase to put them in that looks great in whatever area she chooses to place them. With the Pearl Place Vase Collection, you have give mom a collection of beautiful vases of various sizes that will look great with all the flowers that you are planning to give her on Mother’s Day.

I hope this gift guide provided you with some inspiration on where to start with finding the perfect gift for Mom. Below you will find some links connected directly to the products mentioned above as well as links to accessories to go along with these gifts such as a wonderful Kate Spade case to keep mom’s iPad protected after the holiday season.

Have any questions? Need some more recommendations? Like a gift but want to know how to shop for it on discount? Leave it in the comments below!


    • December 8, 2015 / 4:34 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed the ideas!

      oxo, Lesh

  1. Sahra
    December 9, 2015 / 3:08 pm

    such cute picks! my favorite is the whole keurig set! <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    • December 9, 2015 / 8:13 pm

      It’s different from a Keurig which is great, because you can use the coffee grounds and everything again.

      oxo, Lesh