How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards with a Personal Touch

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Writing thank you cards for anything can be hard – especially when you’re writing in a blank card. You may open the card, write thank you for giving a gift, attending an event, or doing something that was helpful to you, but then you stop and try to think what else you should write.

We’ve all had that moment. And with wedding thank you cards, it gets even harder. You try your best to not write the same thing in every card. There’s a repetitiveness that you attempt to avoid, but it gets a little hard. You find yourself sitting at the table writing the same type of card over and over again with the only thing changing is what you are thanking them for.

Well, that’s not really a problem. But there is a way to make each card personal and non-repetitive.

Here are a few tips on writing wedding thank you cards with a special, personal touch. But first, let’s lay down the basics of what should be included in your thank you cards.

  • Have A Thank You Card That Represents You – Make sure your thank you cards represent you both as a couple and that make you proud to be sending them. My fiance and I purchased our wedding thank you cards from Minted. During the time that we were choosing our thank you cards, we went through so many options. At Minted, there are options to have the cards include a picture of you both from your wedding or engagement shoot, or you can have a design that matches with your theme/color palette. I highly recommend starting with Minted for thank you cards, we were able to find a design we wanted to use that matched our theme in a very short time.
  • Thank Them for Two Things – This is the obvious. You want to thank them for the specific gift that they gave and for attending the event. Even if the guest or couple was unable to attend but sent a gift, thank them for taking the time to send the gift and let them know that they were missed.
  • Full Names – If you just write a first name, you may open the card later to send it and think to yourself – “There are multiple people named Kaitlyn, which one sent me this?” You want to avoid that confusion, especially because you may not be familiar with people from your significant other’s side. Additionally, you don’t want the embarrassment of saying thank you for a gift that he or she didn’t give you.
  • Sign Both of Your Names – When it comes to sending thank you cards for the bridal shower, you just sign you name. The attendees sent the gift to you. But make sure that when sending thank you cards from the wedding, you sign both of your names. This is a great time to start getting used to signing with your new last name!

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Now that we have gone over the essential basics, let’s talk about the tips for creating that personal touch.

  1. Be Specific – When writing your thank you cards, you’ll want to make sure to write in the specific gift that you are thanking your guests for. If they gave you money, don’t just write thank you for the gift card, check, or cash. Make sure to write in exactly the amount that they gave you. By being specific shows that you paid particular attention to what your guests have given you and that it meant something to you.
  2. Compliment the Gift – Some of your guests will send personalized gifts or gifts from your registry. Tell them thank you by complimenting the look of the personalized gift and/or telling them exactly what you are going to use them for. For my bridal shower, I had people send me kitchenware that my fiance and I desperately needed. I included that in the thank you card – it gave the thank you card a true sense of appreciation.
  3. Reflect on a Moment at the Wedding – There will be many special moments at the wedding with many if not all of your guests. In the thank you card, bring that moment back up. Maybe, you had a conversation with your uncle about something you’ll do in the future and he gave you advice. Bring that up in the thank you card and talk about how you felt about it. Or maybe, you’re cousin had a little too much of your signature drink and added a special excitement to your wedding – thank him for that, even if it was a little embarrassing.
  4. Connect to your Non-Traditional Guestbook – Many couples are doing a non-traditional guest book such as the advice to the couple, the photobooth album or the Poloroid picture collection. Talk about that in your thank you card. Speak on the advice that they gave you or speak on the photo that you now have of them. By showing that you read the advice or took time to look at the photos shows that you are paying special attention to them and that you’re appreciative of their attendance.
  5. Sign Off Personally – When signing the card, don’t just continually write “sincerely”, “thank you”, “with love”, etc. Change it up. Maybe just cycle through the these options so you don’t feel that you’re writing repetitively. Also, make it personal. Maybe you’re family members have special nicknames that you have been called – don’t be hesitant to sign off with that name. This is a time to express love and appreciation to these guests and draw in that connection. Make it a special moment for them when they read your thank you card.

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I’ve just started off with writing thank you card for our wedding. As you know, our wedding hasn’t actually happened yet but I have started early on writing thank you cards to those who have either already sent their gifts ahead and still will be attending, and to those who are unable to attend but sent a gift anyway.

I’m keeping a list of gifts coming inĀ  and checking off the names and gifts I’ve already sent thank you cards for. This will help with the overload right after the wedding.

After my bridal shower, I was able to send my thank you cards out within the week following the event – but I know that’s probably not going to be possible right after the wedding. There are going to be a lot more to write and there will be a lot more to say.

So to start off, head over to Minted and choose the design for your wedding thank you cards. Minted allows you to personalize them to you which goes to adding another personal touch to your thank you cards. You can start showing off that personal touch with stamps, personalized envelopes and then the card itself – all found right at Minted.

Thank you to Minted for partnering with me on this post. Tips and opinions are 100% my own.