Stay Classy with JORD Wooden Watches

“Just because it’s wooden, doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous.”

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I’ve never been big on watches. I didn’t like the ticking and I figured that my phone was enough to tell me what the time. The shiny quality of a watch, either silver or gold, was too flashy and brought too much attention to my wrist. And having a sports watch that was just digital and rubbery was not something that appealed to my feminine style. So when someone first introduced me to JORD watches, I was very hesitant. I kept telling them “I don’t need a watch. It’s not in my accessory wheelhouse.” But after weeks of pestering for me to check out their watches, I finally did, and I will admit JORD changed my entire impression on watches.

JORD Watches are handcrafted in the United States and made from various natural wood from around the world. Each one is unique to each individual person and they offer (for a very small fee) the ability for you to send your wrist measurements in so that your watch comes to your door set to perfectly fit YOUR wrist.


Finding JORD was like the style heavens opened up. I felt like I finally found a collection of watches that could fit my style. The wood makeup took away the flashiness that I didn’t like, but the feminine style and versitile look would bring enough attention to my wrist without being too overwhelming.

I debated back and forth about what watch that I was going to get and to my surprise, I was contacted by JORD to do a review on one of their watches. For me, they wanted to feature the Fieldcrest series which includes the Dark Sandalwood, Maple, Zebrawood & Maple, and the Green Sandalwood. The whole series was so appealing to me since the watches would allow me to wear whichever one with an outfit of my choice that was either casual or a little more dressed up, but either way it would be feminine style.

With the choices that I was offered, I finally picked the Green Sandalwood style of the Fieldcrest series (valued $120) because I appreciated that it included light and dark tones that gave a more handsome look to the watch while still maintaining femininity. Green Sandalwood is sourced from Argentina and the grains of the wood can vary from straight to curly lines – knowing this made me feel even more certain that my watch was going to be unique even from the same style in the series.

Fieldcrest Wooden watch

Jord Wooden Watch

JORD packages all of their watches in a matching wooden box. When you slight the top off, you find your watch wrapped delicately around a nice little pillow and underneath there is insturctions, a cleaning cloth, and a warranty card.

The first time that I wore my watch, I styled it with a dark blue skater dress with a white crochet top. The fit was snug enough that it didn’t clasp too hard on my wrist but also so that the watch wasn’t sliding all over my arm. I got so many compliments on the watch that I am sure my dress started to feel a little jealous that it wasn’t the center piece. Many people began asking where I had gotten it from and some of my blogger friends asked me if I would be doing a giveaway on the piece because they wanted to enter.

Jord Watch wooden watch Jord Watch

Jord Wooden Watch Jord Wooden Watch wooden watch

I absolutely love this watch and I plan on purchasing another to style with more of my outfits. I can’t wait to show this off at events and when just wearing it day to day.

What do you think? Would like a JORD watch? Maybe LivingLesh can feature a giveaway for a special JORD watch or discount!

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  1. SueSueper
    September 19, 2015 / 9:51 pm

    I like the CORA series specifically Koa & Rose Gold.

  2. September 21, 2015 / 4:31 pm

    Oooh I love this!! I’ve never seen a wooden watch before.. but now I’m envisioning all of the cool ways I could style it!