Keeping Healthy Skin in the Winter with Palmer’s


Winter is brutal. Snow storms come and pile snow on top of your car, there’s salt everywhere, and most of all, the winter season is tough on the skin.

Don’t get me wrong, there are great things about the winter season such as super fun snowball fights and nights spent on the couch, binge watching Netflix and eating food that you’ll have to start burning off before beach season.

When winter comes around, I do give a loud groan because the cold weather is just doesn’t do well for my skin. And that’s something that I have found has been a reality for many people during the winter season. There’s no moisture in the air, so your skin just dries out a little easier which could cause marks and subtle imperfections that could leave scars. But let’s not get too much into that because I want to share with you my top tips/tricks for taking care of your skin during the winter.

What to Use After a Shower

We, as human beings, love to take showers (well, most of us), which feels amazing to us because a warm shower is so soothing in the cold weather. But a hot shower everyday is actually bad for our skin because it dries out our skin. So if you are like me and you can’t give up your almost every day shower, the key is to moisturize.

As soon as you get out of the shower, do not immediately use the towel to wipe off all of the water off your skin. Just like you would for your face, pat yourself dry and leave a little bit of moisture to absorb into your skin.

Then move to the lotion/cream, make sure you put it all over body – not just your legs and arms.

I am typically a fan of unscented lotions because those are more based in moisturizing your skin rather than making you smell good. My go-to all year around is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula – a moisturizer that was introduced to me when I was younger because of the great amount of moisture that it supplies and the great natural scent that is gives off.

Another benefit of the Palmer’s lotion is the healing effect that it has. I’ve seen various family members bring new lives into this world, and while they were caring their baby – they used Palmer’s to soothe the skin and combat stretch marks.

Even for me, I use it to combat the stretch marks that formed on my thighs from loosing muscle tone that once existed. It heals not only stretch marks but scars in general. Honestly, I can’t praise this formula enough.

What to Use During the Day

The use of a moisturizer also connects with making sure that you are moisturizing your lips and keeping some hand lotion with you throughout the day. No one likes the feeling of dry hands and dry lips.

I keep hand lotion in my purse, on my desk, and in my kitchen. Every time I wash my hands, I immediately whip out my hand lotion and moisturize my hands to keep them soft. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told I have extremely soft hands.

My response – “I use a lot of lotion”.

I have the same practice for my lips. I use the Palmer’s stick to moisturize my lips throughout the day whenever they start feeling a little chapped. Cracked lips burn and don’t look very appealing at all. I’ve always carried this stick around with me to use as chapstick. It was something that was given to me by a family member when I was younger, and I’ve just stuck with it. It leaves my lips feeling nourished longer than the typical chapsticks that I have tried when they were given/gifted to me.

What to Use with Your Makeup

Huge tip – get a moisturizing primer. I typically search for primers that are formulated for providing an extra layer of moisture. Also, I strongly avoid matte primers as the ingredients in the primer used to make the matte effect dries out the skin. So with this, my skin is being hydrated underneath my makeup.

Even under my lipstick, I use either a hydrating lip color or use the Palmer’s stick to hydrate my lips before applying any color. This leaves my lips looking well hydrated and supple during the day, and does not have my lips looking horrible because lipstick does a great job of highlighting cracked lips.

The best way to start off your winter skincare practice is to head to one of your local stores such as Kmart, Walmart, Target or CVS and look for these types of products such as Palmer’s (highly recommend).

Lastly, join the #palmerscocoatour to up your skincare game!

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Thank you Palmer’s and Her Campus Media for sponsoring this post. As always, tips/suggestions and opinions are 100% my own.