LivingLesh Collection: Life as a Lifestyle

grey tank

Today is an extra exciting day! On this day, I am unveiling my personalized small clothing collection that you can shop right now! Pre-sale has just opened and I want you all to head over and pick out pieces from this minimalist collection – Life as a Lifestyle.

Life as a Lifestyle is a minimalist clothing collection that is meant to show off the passion for living life. I have always stuck to the claim that “simply living isn’t being alive”. There are so many experiences to live in life and through this collection I want to share with you the passion of heading out there and doing everything that life has to offer. There is no fear in fashion and there should be no fear in life.

This collection is starting off with pre-sale at great prices with pieces valued at no more than $30 depending on what you are ordering.

If you have any questions about the items, please feel free to contact me directly at and I will answer you and show my whole appreciation for showing interest in my first clothing collection.

Head over to the site HERE to start shopping the pre-sale and purchase these items at their lower prices.

Thank you to you all for your support and showing you passion of life with me.

Also, leave some comments below and tell me about your passion for life and what pieces that you like from this collection. I’m so excited to hear about them!

Simply Living Muscle Tank

livinglesh fashion line
livinglesh fashion line

grey tankgraphic tank


Being Alive Slouchy Sweater

graphic sweater

livinglesh fashion line
graphic sweater
simply living isn't being alive
white sweater
livinglesh fashion line
livinglesh fashion line

Living Life Flowy Boxy Top

graphic teelifestyle clothing

lifestyle clothing
simply living
livinglesh fashion line

Thank you to Proven Collection for working with me to prepare this clothing collection. It has been a pleasure partnering with you to create this line.