Hey everyone,

Today is the unveiling and relaunch of LivingLesh.com! I’m excited, and I hope you are too. I’ve been very busy these past few weeks creating new posts, reorganizing the blog, and giving it a brand new look. I took a break and decided to re-do my blog, because I began to realize that I was so busy trying to create all of these posts for the blog, but I wasn’t creating quality posts that would help you, my readers. Additionally, I realized that my posts were all over the place and not all of them were fashion focused (which is the focus of the blog – so, obviously, I was doing something wrong).

So here we are, with a brand new look.

I will admit, that with each post I am still looking to improve. And more importantly, I will need your help. So if you’re looking for a particular tip that hasn’t already been discussed or you have a question specific to you (and it might be specific to others who are just afraid to ask), leave me a message and I will make sure to create a post or answer your question directly – which means you might just see your question featured in a post!

As you can see, the entire look of my blog has changed and it now more easily shoppable and filled with so much more fashion and lifestyle tips. Here are some specific updates and changes from LivingLesh:

  1. Brand new website design! If you’re reading this, then you are seeing a brand new blog design that wasn’t here before. Everything has been neatly organized in my navigation bar and there are so many ways to shop and search for exactly what you need. You can also see extra features in my side bar.
  2. Shop My Instagram. Previously, when you visited my site, you could only see where to buy my items by looking at each post. But now, if you go to the ‘Shop’ tab in the navigation bar or in the featured buttons underneath the feature image, you can shop my Instagram. You can also go to the regular shop to look at sales items or great pieces from my favorite stores – all priced under $50.
  3. FAQs. In the past, I’ve had readers send me quick notes asking questions about me and my blog. Many of those questions began to repeat so I created an FAQ page that answers questions you might have.
  4. Shop & Save Sunday. I am so excited to tell you about my new series that will occur weekly! On every Sunday, I will share a post on places that are having great sales, and must-have items that you need to have for an amazing price! You’ll be shopping and saving just like me!
  5. Newsletter. This is the one thing that you want to be a part of. In the past, I’ve done so many giveaways. The prizes have ranged to Michael Kors bags to iPads to a collection of beauty products. Now, these giveaways are going to be EXCLUSIVE for LivingLesh subscribers. Also, as a subscriber, you’ll receive special LivingLesh discounts and coupons to my favorite stores that you can’t get anywhere else sent directly to your inbox on Shop & Save Sunday. You’ll also get an email sent straight to your inbox as soon as a new post goes live. And there’s so much more you’ll receive. Just by signing up, you’ll get a special gift right to your inbox! Sign up here!
  6. Life With Fashion Facebook Community. Are you a fashionista that loves taking pictures? A shopper who loves sharing your recent finds? Do you just love talking about fashion and beauty in general? Then the Life with Fashion FB community is just for you! This is an exclusive community to come and talk about fashion. I’ll be also sharing fashion tips and coupons in the Facebook community & sharing upcoming events (where I may be inviting a guest – want to go to NYFW with me?) You can join the community by signing up here.