Looking Tall in Stripes

Everyone knows that stripes have a magical power. That power is the power of illusion. And if you didn’t know, then you just learned something new.

In any circumstance, stripes have a way of making something looking longer and defining shape. Depending on how you wear the stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, you will find a different effect that can make you look longer – which is something especially important for the petite.


When wearing stripes horizontally, the best thing to do is have a wider stripe. With a wider stripe, an illusion of elongating happens. So for the petite, the key is make sure to have a longer stripe around your torso to make the area look longer. This also works if you wear a wider belt when you are belting your mid-section.

For pieces with vertical stripes [like this dress], the stripes automatically create an illusion to make you look taller. Every time that I wear this dress, someone comes along and says “Did you get taller?” I just laugh and say “I finished growing around age 14.” In this dress, I look less like a petite (vertically).

The other great aspect about this dress is that even without heels, the dress doesn’t drag on the ground, and for a petite woman, that’s a major plus.

Wearing stripes is the petite woman’s go to style tip when creating an illusion of looking taller. And you can find stripes almost everywhere when shopping. My tip for the spring/summer is to buy maxi dresses with thin vertical stripes. Or buy the trending slip dresses with a few thicker horizontal stripes. Then just add your personal style and have fun answering the magical question, “Did you get taller?”

It’s the magical power of wearing stripes.

{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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