Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017: Final Purchases + Overall Review

nordstorm anniversary sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends in a few days! Which means this is the final moments to grab those few last items that you have been eyeing up before they go back to full price. I have shopped the sale four times this season. I shopped the first day of early access in-store, then shopped online, and then went back twice more while I was in the mall and picked up some last few items that were restocked or still on the shelves. Yes, there is a possibility that what you want is still able to be purchased.

I want to share with you some of the items that I bought from the sale as well as some items that I picked up from Nordstrom that weren’t exactly part of the sale, but I couldn’t help myself. I admit that I have a shopping problem. But in my defense, the items I grabbed are great pick and must-haves for your closet & beauty collection. You’ll see.

N O R D S T R O M   A N N I V E R S A R Y   S A L E   P U R C H A S E S

topshop cardigan






Topshop Stripe Colorblock Cardigan

I bought this in a size 2 – keeping it true to size. It fits loose as seen in the picture and is quite snug. It is one of my favorite picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because I can wear it to work or just for an everyday outfit. It’s not too thick that it will make you extremely hot during the warmer part of the fall. But it is thick enough to keep you warm during the moderate times of the winter.








chelsea28 lace yoke tank




Chelsea 28 Lace Yolk Tank

When I first saw this top in the store, it didn’t appeal to me at first. But after looking at it for a while, it started to grow on me so I took it right into the fitting room with me and feel in love. I’ve worn this tank already for a date night, and I am planning on wearing it during the fall by layering it under a jacket or cardigan.








bp. lace trim satin camisole





BP. Lace Trim Camisole

This camisole was the major buy of the season. It is the one piece that you need to have to layer under everything for the fall season. I purchased it in black but it is available in a few other colors such as white and olive. I’ve seen so many people who have purchased it and styled it in different ways. So different that the top doesn’t look like the same top in each picture.









Lush Back Tie Blouson Dress






Lush Back Tie Blouson Dress

I bought this dress with the sole purpose of wearing it to work. To me it looked like a teacher dress that I could put under a nice button up top or jean jacket. But then when I tried it on, I saw so much more potential in it. The fabric is light and it moves with you, which is something I always appreciate with dresses. I don’t like the dresses that stick to you and don’t show movement, but this one looks like you are constantly walking with the wind.









BP. Front Button Slipdress






BP. Front Button Slipdress

I love dresses that are versatile. So this dress was a done deal when I saw it. This dress is perfect for every season and can be worn with almost anything. I’ve tried in on with various cardigans including the Topshop cardigan that I purchased from the sale. It is also great to wear by itself, so you can wear it throughout the warmer seasons and during the cold weather seasons.










gibson bell sleeve fleece sweater





Gibson Bell Sleeve Fleece Top

The softness of this top made this sweater a must buy. It literally feels like you are wearing a cloud. When I tried it on in-store, I didn’t even want to take it off. I considered asking them to let me buy it while I was wearing it so I could wear it home, but then I remembered it was 90 degrees outside. Top is super soft, semi-loose, but tight enough to show body frame.









BP. Kolo Booties




BP. Kolo Booties

I have black tall boots, so I needed to grab some black booties that would go well with multiple outfits during the fall and winter season. And I needed to make sure that where were good for long wear. I found both of these necessities with this bootie. I’ll be wearing this with a lot of my outfits and putting it with my teacher outfits when I head off back to school.








quay sunglasses






Quay Sunglasses

My collection of sunglasses has grown this summer season. And no matter what someone tells you, sunglasses aren’t only for the spring/summer. It’s sunny when it is cold out, so don’t be reluctant to purchase some sunglasses to go with you fall outfits. I did. I grabbed these in pink since I already have a lot of sunglasses in black and silver (which are the other two colors these come in).









N O N – S A L E   N O R D S T R O M   P U R C H A S E S

PST Mesh Shirt Dress






PST Mesh Shirt Dress

When I saw this in the store the last time that I went to Nordstrom, I just knew that I needed it for my closet. It’s soft and airy and again can be layered for the fall. I love the color on me and it pairs well with both tan/brown accessories as well as black/gray accessories.









BP. Short Sleeve Tee





BP. Short Sleeve T-Neck Tee

I always tell people who a must have for you closet are basic tees that make a statement. This top was on sale on the 50% off rack in the store, so though it wasn’t technically in the anniversary sale, it was still a sale snag. It dips low enough that it makes a statement at the neck, but not too low that you’ll be making adjustments to your bra. Make sure that when you buy it, you get it true to size. You don’t need to buy a size up to get the loose look, the shirt is already made that way.







sole society clutch



Sole Society Leopard Print Fold-Over Clutch

I don’t have many statement bags, but I have made it a point to grab some this season to go with my more basic outfits. You can make an outfit pop with a statement bag and if you head to the store or online, some of the Sole Society products are actually on sale separate from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.







trish mcevoy beauty balm




Trish McEvoy Beauty Balm

I typically stick to the beauty products that I know. But when I went into Nordstrom, I thought this would be a good time to ask around for a product that would hydrate my dry skin and prevent the oily look I get later in the evening. That is when the Trish McEvoy counter introduced me to their products and I found out about their beauty balm. It is a primer and foundation all in one. I’ve tried it multiple times now, and after hours, I still look matte and the oil is not coming through. The only shiny areas are where I placed my highlighter. {Product Rating: 8/10}










So you can definitely say that I did some damage this sale, and I’m already saving to get ready for next year. (I’m kidding, but really…) And one of the benefits of shopping this sale was that I was able to gain a few Nordstrom notes that I was able to use to go back for additional purchase. Again, if you don’t have the Nordstrom Rewards then you need to sign up for it. Major perks. You can see the details about the rewards program and how to sign up here and here.

If you haven’t shopped the sale yet, make sure that you get over there like NOW because the sale is ending this weekend. You can find some of the tops picks in the toolbar above marked “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale”.

And if you have shopped the sale, what did you buy? I’m also interested to see what picks that everyone else grabbed that I might have missed or that we have similar. Let me know in the comments below!


nordstrom anniversary sale