ONNO T-Shirts: Comfy Wear for the Fall


For anyone that knows me, I am all for the healthy lifestyle. Now, you might see me driving through the drive through grabbing a quick meal which isn’t too healthy, but more often you will find me eating a homemade salad or grabbing a sandwich from Subway. But, my healthy lifestyle is more than that.

Healthy living isn’t just about how you eat. But how you balance life and living in a positive manner. And as a person who is dedicated to fashion, I find it exciting when I find brands that integrate healthy living with fashion.

I recently was contacted by ONNO – a t-shirt brand that produces shirts made from sustainable fibers such as bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton. You’re probably wondering why organic cotton is better than regular cotton, because who doesn’t love a comfy cotton t-shirt. Well, to give you the facts – growing conventional cotton is very harmful to the environment because the cotton fields use so many pesticides and harmful chemicals to keep insects from destroying the cotton. And though, when the cotton is finally processed the pesticides and chemicals are removed before it reaches the store, it is still quite alarming what could possibly be in our clothes. Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and is rain fed instead of irrigated, which means it is a cotton grown in the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

ONNO sent me this very comfortable bamboo hemp shirt in brick color – a great color selection for the Fall season. The shirt itself feels even more comfortable and smooth against my skin than many of my regular cottons shirts. It fits well to my body and curves, and I can pair it with a plaid shirt for my Fall ensembles. After a few washes, the feel of the shirt hasn’t changed and I actually try to wear it more than many of my other shirts because of the comfort it provides.

In this outfit, I paired my brick ONNO shirt with an American Eagle Boyfriend plaid shirt. I can show off my ONNO shirt by unbuttoning the AE button up completely or I can show a little hint of it. Either way I am heading out of the house feeling stylish, but more importantly comfortable.

onno bamboo shirt onno bamboo shirt onno tshirt onno t-shirt onno

You can buy an ONNO shirt and choose from a variety of colors online for the low price of $29 with free shipping. You can purchase short sleeve or for the cold season, purchase a long sleeve. And want to hear a little secret, ONNO will be included in an upcoming giveaway at the beginning of December where you can win an iPad Mini, two shirts from ONNO, as well as a variety of other great fashionable products.

Tell me what you think! How do you bring a healthy lifestyle into your fashion? And are you excited about the upcoming giveaway? I know I am!

(Disclaimer: One or more of the products featured in this post were provided to me for free, but the opinions and ideas stated are 100% my own. Please refer to my PR/Disclaimer page for more information).


    • November 24, 2015 / 3:35 pm

      I actually have two now! I love wearing them.