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Warm in Winter – Breaking Out My Spring Outfit

bell sleeve dress

It has been strange weather here in the northeast. The days have been fluctuating between 29 degree weather to 75 degrees. I’m not sure whether is winter or spring. Maybe, this is a sign that my wedding day will be warm and beautiful because the weather is trying to change sooner than later.

On the days where it is warmer, I have been taking advantage and breaking out my dresses, sandals, and cute spring clothes. It’s been like a luxury. The fact that I can wear a dress and roll down the windows with my sunnies on without wearing a coat is just what I need.

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Intimate Perfection with Kohl’s

Thank you to Kohl’s for sponsoring this post. I received the included panties as compensation.

kohl's panty

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she has to clean out that one drawer of hers. You know what I am talking about – that panty drawer. And though I don’t clean out mine as often as I would like, I decided it was time when Kohl’s offered to help me make the refresh.


Let’s be honest – there’s more than one time that the drawer needs to be cleaned out and refreshed. Not only does it need to be refreshed due to some panties just getting old and used, but your style changes, and your style does include your panty drawer.

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A Tea Party Fit for a Queen – My Bridal Shower

bridal chair

I so excited to share this post today. It’s been on my drafts for awhile now and I wanted to have it go live earlier this month, but the editorial calendar had me at certain restrictions. But enough about that…

Earlier this month was my bridal shower! And my bridesmaids definitely reassured me that I made the right choice picking them to be by my side as I take this next step in my life journey. The bridal shower was amazing.

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A Wireless Workout with Sudio

sudio vasa bla

I will be open with you. My workout plan is little to none. I have spurts where I go on a workout binge and plan my schedule around making sure I’m in the gym every day, but then maybe a month or two after, my workout consists of the energy it takes for me to get off of the couch and into the kitchen to grab another snack.

But let’s not focus on those down times, let’s focus on the times where being in the gym or taking that workout outdoors is a part of the schedule. My “moments of fitness” usually last throughout the warmer months. That’s because I enjoy taking runs outdoors instead of running on a treadmill. I lose focus staring at the same wall or watching a TV. I want to be out with the fresh air, petting the dogs of the walkers that I pass by, and taking in the the sights. It’s what makes the workout amazing. Continue Reading →

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Comfy Casual with The Mint Julep

mint julep

I have to admit, as much as I love dressing up, my favorite outfit has to be my favorite pair of jeans and a comfortable sweater. And if I am laying on the couch – which is what I love to do the majority of the time – my jeans change into leggings or sweats.

Don’t get me wrong, there is so much fun to be had when going through your closet to put a marvelous and “oh, so stylish” outfit together for your #ootd. But there’s nothing wrong with being stylish in a comfortable and casual look. You are still stylish in your own way – your outfit is representing you, and if you are a relaxed and laid back person like myself and just want to put on something casual – go ahead and do it! Continue Reading →