Primark + The Beckerman Sisters

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I’m sure that you know by now how much I absolutely love Primark. And if you haven’t heard, let me tell you now – I LOVE PRIMARK! For a fashionista like myself who shops on a budget, Primark is the best place to shop for everything I need and not feel that I am spending my whole paycheck all at once.

Primark is a store that is dedicated to fashion, and honestly, I can’t say that about every store that I visit. Every time I visit the store, it is stocked with on-trend pieces for a very affordable price.

Let me give you a short background story —

I first discovered Primark when I visited London in 2013 for study abroad experience – this was a time where I was less of a fashion hunter and more of a Shakespearean wannabe actress (though I still adore everything Shakespeare, now I’m just more of a fashionista…anywho…). It was during this trip that I was introduced to Primark and that is where my love for this store all began. So I’m sure that you can pretty much assume that when Primark came to the US and decided to have a store only 20 minutes from my house, I nearly died from joy. Primark launched their Philadelphia area store opening in Fall 2015 with a big bang – you can check out the launch party that I was able to attend a few months ago here.

But enough about the past (though it is very important), let’s talk about what Primark is doing now.

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending the King of Prussia Primark event that hosted fashion bloggers the Beckerman sisters of the Beckerman Blog
beckerman primarkPrimark-meets-Beckermacn-Bags

This special meet and greet event featured the Beckerman sisters showing of their Primark style, but they also were there to give attendees on-site styling advice – which was, of course, a major plus.

Attendees were also given a gift card to shop the Primark looks such as the looks worn by the Beckerman sisters and in each bag was a specialized clutch and the gift card! Attendees also had the opportunity to win an extra $100 gift card from Q102 who was there exciting the crowd and talking all about Primark and the Beckerman sisters. 

Meeting the Beckerman sisters was one of the highlights of the events. Not only are these two a set of fashion inspiration, but their energy is so contagious that I couldn’t help but be so excited to be there. 

Walking up to them I was greeted with a hug and complimented on my own style (which is HUGE for a fashion blogger who aspires to be as successful as them). They gave me some tips on what I can add to the clothing that I had in my hand, and talked about the pieces that they were wearing and what they thought about what was on sale a Primark at that moment. 

After talking with them for a few minutes about life and fashion, I took their tips and shopped the store for another hour. I picked out a collection of items, and at checkout I walked out with three full bags at and only spent $80 of my own money! (I’ll give you more detail on what I bought and at what price in a premiere shopping haul video hitting my Youtube channel next week – make sure to subscribe!)

Check out more pictures from the event below and let me know what you think about Primark and the style of the Beckerman sisters! And, as always, if you need a little budget shopping advice, don’t be afraid to come to me!

Primark meets Beckerman Balloon
beckerman sistersPrimark Meets Beckerman Girls StylePrimark Meets Beckerman Store

Thank you to DKC News for some of the additional photos. 


    • May 20, 2016 / 8:53 pm

      It was so fun, and it was amazing to meet successful fashion bloggers.