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Transitioning to my natural hair was a big decision – one that I made about 6 months ago. And ever since transitioning, I made it a point to find the right hair products and styling tools to that make it easy for me to put my hair into a protective style.

For those thinking about transitioning or have already been rocking their natural hair, it’s a known fact that wear a protective style is a must-do to maintain length and promote growth. And often, you can put your hair into a protective style and keep it for weeks as long as you maintain and use the right tools to style the protective style.

I’ve been on the search for the best tools for my hair type for a while, and recently, I was introduced to the line of Goody hair brushes and how each brush is designed for a specific purpose. I will admit that when I was first told about the brushes, I was hesitant that these would be the right tools for me, because I didn’t think that they would work for my hair type, but I was wrong. So, before I give you a rundown of how to style a protective style, let me introduce you to the Goody brushes that I purchased.

goody brush walmart

I went to my local Walmart store and purchased the three brushes that I knew would be perfect for my hair and the style that I wanted to achieve. I purchased the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush, the Goody Straight Talk Oval Boar Styler Brush, and the Goody Detangle It Oval Cushion Brush.

  • Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush: Great to use on dry hair for styling and brushing the hair smooth.
  • Goody Straight Talk Oval Boar Styler Brush: Use on wet or dry hair to smooth out edges and to leave the hair looking shiny and straight. This is an amazing brush to use when pulling your hair back into a bun or pony tail.
  • Goody Detangle It Oval Cushion Brush: This is an amazing brush to use on wet hair when trying to detangle hair after washing.

Each brush has its own purpose and I was able to use each one during my process of styling my protective style!

So let’s get to it! My protective style of choice is the two twists – it’s perfect for air drying, it helps to straighten my hair without heat and it protects my ends. Want to know how to do it and how I used my Goody brushes? Great! Keep reading! goody hair brush goody brush

Step 1) After washing my hair with my sulfate-free shampoo and favorite conditioner, I patted my hair with a towel to get rid of the excess water but still leaving some moisture. The reason for this is that you don’t want to fully towel dry your hair because the cotton towel can pull at the strands of your hair.

You then want to apply a leave-in conditioner of your choice and section your hair into four sections. (You can do more depending on the thickness and length of your hair). goody hair brushes

Step 2) For each section, you want to detangle the ends with a wide tooth comb, and then pick up your Goody Detangle It Oval Cushion brush and detangle the rest of the section – starting from the ends and then moving towards the roots. When doing this, I found to have less breakage and the brush worked perfectly to spread the leave-in conditioner throughout my hair from root to end. natural hair

Step 3) When each section is well conditioned and detangled, combine your sections and part your hair down the middle. I typically use a hair tie or clip to hold one section while I work on the other. You want to take the Goody Straight Talk Oval Boar Styler Brush to each side and brush through starting at the root and brushing back to smooth the hair and lay it back. Once your hair is brushed smooth, you want to start at the top of your one side (this is done to both sides individually) and take two strands and begin twisting your hair together moving to the back of your head while also grabbing hair as you go.

When you get towards the ends of your strands, you want to twist the ends together to protect the every back ends of your hair.

Step 4) At this point, I typically let my hair fully dry before I do anything else. I wrap my hair in a silk scarf overnight and let my hair settle into the twists. In the morning, I unwrap my hair and see how it looks. Typically, the twists have held and I can either twist together the two ends to create a crown or I use a hair tie to put the ends into a small bun.
goody paddle brush

After a few days, my twists start to either get loose or I want to change my hair style, and this is wear the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush. This brush is great for brushing out the hair and putting into a simple bun or if I want to straighten my hair, I brush sections of my hair and then use a straightener with a low heat setting. I warn you – do not use this brush to blow dry your hair if you choose to. The copper bristles will get too hot and it could burn your scalp!

Now that you’ve heard about my protective style and how I am looking to promote growth in my natural hair, it’s now time to tell me how you keep your natural hair amazing. Do you use Goody brushes? Then visit the Goody social hub! Even if you don’t still visit and see what everyone is talking about! I love to hear how everyone takes care of their hair and the tools that they use!