josefa da silva

The couture line of Josefa Da Silva took to the runway during Season Two of Philly Small Business Fashion Week, and to say that the pieces in this line were beyond fashionable is an understatement. Josefa Da Silva showed of her signature line of couture ensembles which mostly featured black gowns with gold accents.

Josefa Da Silva is celebrity fashion designer, creative producer and the director and founder of Cabo Verde Fashion Week. I would describe the style of her designs as an urban chic with a international twist. It was evident that her designs included inspiration from over seas and when looking at other designs and products from some of her other lines, she does use an African and Caribbean flare.

It was hard for me to distinguish a favorite piece from her line as I was in absolute love with all of them. The fabrics used and the sheer design element that was integrated into many of the pieces made this line stand out among the others. I also adored that many of the gowns included lace which is one of my favorite types of fabric since it brings a femininity to each piece. There is so much that can be said about this line but I am not sure that I have the words to do it justice. The designs by Josefa Da Silva are ones that you much see for yourself.  josefa da silva philly small business fashion week philly small business fashion week josefa da silva josefa da silva philly small business fashion week josefa da silva