philly small business fashion week

The couture show of Philly Small Business Fashion Week featured designs from Philly designer Regina McWhite. Her line featured outfits in a variety of pastel hues but there was no specific color palette which showed that the line is very versatile in all its chic-ness.

Regina McWhite describes her signature style as simplistic and classic, and it is very evident in the pieces that were featured in the show. There was not much to the print and the fabrics used were very simply, but the details of each design is what brought the pieces to life. All of the lines from Regina McWhite are ‘ready-to-wear’ and can be styled with pieces from her own accessory line. She also designs children’s clothes and all of her products can be seen and purchased from her own showroom located in Philadelphia.

My favorite piece from the couture show from the Regina McWhite line was a light blue satin dress (seen in the third picture below). I loved how the dress is loose but still fitted to the individual wearing the piece. I also LOVE the high neck color with the bow. The bow adds a feminine touch to the piece while still maintaining a classic and simplistic style.  regina mcwhite regina mcwhite philly small business fashion week regina mcwhite philly small business fashion week