rik lei

The couture show last week not only featured luxurious clothing lines, but also featured lines of fabulous accessories. Philly Small Business Fashion Week brought us Rik Lei who designs her own line of fashion accessories.

The Rik Lei brand prides themselves on providing custom one-of-a-kind pieces for both males and females. Each pieces is inspired by cities both inside the USA and international cities. Rik Lei sells a variety of accessories including hats, jewelry, headpieces, handbags, and even a few shirts and jackets.

When it was time for the Rik Lei line to take the runway, the first model was revealed wearing an urban style letterman’s jacket featuring the name Rik Lei written on the front. The jacket was accompanied with a matching hat and light blue gloves (see image 4). I loved how the her part of the show started because it was definitely a statement of: “I am here, look at what I made!”. Her line of accessories did not disappoint and I feel in love with the variety of clutches that were featured – each clutch had a different size and style.

Another item from her accessory line that stood out to me was the back chain (see image 2). I am very accustomed to the belly chain trend that has been occurring, but it was my firs time seeing a chain that was reversed. The chain catches the eye and bends the rules of fashion trends. The Rik Lei line was a great additive to the couture show and I am so happy that this is another designer/brand from the Philly area. rik leirik leirik lei jewelry rik lei jewelry rik lei jewelry