PSBFW – Tamil Robinson

tamil robinson

Though there were so many luxurious designers featured in Season Two of Philly Small Business Fashion Week, I am going to conclude my coverage of the couture show with designer Tamil Robinson of Tamil International. This line closed off the couture show and though the wait to see the final line was a long one, it was worth the wait. Tamil International features outfits that can be worn by the fashionista who is traveling the globe.

Tamil Robinson is the creative eye behind many fashion ventures. He works with sport fashion by designing pro bowl jerseys worn by both music and sports celebrities. With all his hard work, he has developed an international brand that is a huge success beyond the couture runway and beyond Philly itself.

Many of the designs, from the Tamil Robinson line, worn in the couture show featured a variety of color palettes and fabrics. The line was not just made of dark fabrics or light fabrics, but showed how one design can be versatile and become a completely different outfit when the color scheme is changed. As the models hit the runway, it was evident that Tamil Robinson payed attention to every detail of the outfit. He made sure that the accessories matched the clothing and the shoes blended together to make a complete look with no frayed edges.

Tamil International is a brand that produces clothing for both males and females, and the details for each gender’s pieces are equal in quality.   tamil robinson philly small business fashion week philly small business fashion week tamil robinson tamil robinson

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