Shine Bright Like A… – Mirina Collection + Coupon

statement necklace
It is essential to accessorize when you want to complete an outfit. Whether it is simply stud earrings to compliment your attire or if you can go big and make your accessorizes the center of attention. Statement necklaces are  a must have when it comes to completing your accessory collection. Every fashion guru must have at least one statement necklace on their jewelry wall. Recently, I updated my jewelry collection and purchased an elegant statement necklace from Mirina Collections.

My Mirina Collection Famous Necklace arrived the other day and I am so excited to begin styling it with outfits and wearing it to make a bold statement. I plan to style it with outfits that don’t have too much print and with a lot of black. I can wear it to complete my feminine style by having it compliment a black blazer and white shirt. It will give my professional look a little bit of chic and have me standing out in the office.

I received the ‘Grace’ Vintage Statement Necklace in gold. I decided to pick this color because orange compliments my skin tone and I wanted to get a statement piece that I could wear with a black dress on a night out.

The ‘Grace’ necklace is valued at $129 but it is well worth the buy. The necklace is lightweight despite its heavy appearance and shines bright like the diamond it is.

elegant necklace

Stay tuned for my night out and Fall styling with this statement piece. In the meantime, visit Mirina Collections and use my code ‘Lesha20‘ to get 20% off SITEWIDE – but more importantly 20% off on the Famous Necklace collection.