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I’ve been really big on my skin care lately. I should have always been. But ever since this past Fall, I’ve been focusing more on treating acne and other issues that I have been having.

When I first got engaged, I was focusing simply on evening out my complexion and finding the right moisturizer that would give my skin the hydration it needs without feeling full layer of oil sitting on top of my skin. But around the time when I started my job and began the bigger part of wedding planning, my face started breaking out really badly. So bad that I ended up going to a dermatologist because I thought that it was either an allergic reaction, a rash from something, or a type of skin condition. I was wrong about all of that. It turned out that I was breaking out from extreme stress. Basically, I have adult acne and I have to start treating my skin a whole lot better than I did before.

Ever since that consultation, I’ve been trying out a variety of different products to find one that fits my skin and that gets me to the look I want for my wedding.

These past few weeks, I have been trying out a skin care collection by Vivo Per Lei – the Retinol Collection.

The collection is a four product collection that focuses on treating acne prone skin and helping with anti-aging. Each product has its benefits and though I haven’t fully seen the full effect of what the products can do, I have seen quite a few changes in my skin.

The Retinol exfoliant is a leave-on exfoliant that is meant to be used daily as a cleanser and to unblock clogged pores. When opening the tin, I learned that the product goes on like a gel and has exfoliating beads that basically rub into your skin and dissolve slowly. It is meant to be left on in order for the retinol and the other vitamins can absorb into your skin.

At first, I was hesitant to try the thermal mask because I have had bad experiences before with masks that I have put on my face and have either changed temperature or had another type of reaction. But this one wasn’t too bad. The mask heats up a little, but that means that it is working. It is not one of those abrasive masks that when you wipe off it feels like you’re pulling more of your skin off. It wipes off clean and your skin feels smooth and ready to absorb a good moisturizer right after.

The wrinkle solution filler is a part of the collection that I only use about once a week. I don’t like to put too much of a product on my skin – especially since I am using medication to treat my acne. I use this to do a preventative treatment to the wrinkles on my skin. It contains vitamins that are great for the skin.

One of the products that I don’t use quite often but does have great benefits its the wrinkle solution filler. It’s purpose is to hydrate the skin and treat the wrinkles forming on your skin. I’ve been using the filler to get rid of the marks and wrinkles that are left from scarring due to my acne. It has done wonders in treating it when a pimple pops up. As soon as I treat the pimple and it goes away, I just add the filler and the marks around it pretty much vanish.

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Thank you to Shopping Links and Vivo Per Lei for collaborating with me on this post. Though this post is sponsored, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. April 3, 2017 / 2:36 pm

    Great post, I am also experiencing adult acne as well, for the 1st time. I will research this as an option to consider purchasing, thanks for sharing.