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As an influencer, social media is an aspect of our profession. We need to focus on it all the time and keep it managed so that we can actively engage with our followers and share our content.

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes on my own social media, and it has halted my growth. But recently, I have been doing more and more research, taking classes, listening to podcasts, and just becoming all knowledgeable about the various platforms out there so that I can grow as a blogger.

With my research, I have started to expand my reach which has brought me an increase in brand collaborations and revenue. My blog is growing so much that I no longer call my blog a “side-hustle”, but another full-time job.

And with the knowledge that I have gradually accumulated, I am here to share with you the social media platforms that you should be focusing on in 2018 and some of the tools you can use to grow those channels.

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Of course, Instagram is one of the biggest platforms that helps us as influencers to connect with more people and to share content. Even more, some brands solely want to collaborate on this platform and will also help to share your content to further your own reach.

One of the traps of Instagram is to fall into the Instagram loops that many people participate in to gain a large amount of followers in a quick amount of time. I will admit that I was one that fell in to that trap. I was so busy focusing on my numbers that I didn’t actually engage with my followers or produce quality content. At a certain point, I realized that I was wasting my money. These giveaways were only bringing me followers who were interested in winning that iPhone or collection of high-end makeup. They were not interested in actually following me and engaging with my content.

The key to growing an active and engaged following is to be consistent and engage with your followers while also connecting with other like-minded bloggers. If you are interested in giveaways, connect with other bloggers in your niche and do a small giveaway with them.

Make sure you are liking and commenting on various pictures on your feed, of your followers, and of new people across the Instagram universe. Also, make sure to comment and respond back to those who comment on your IG posts (preferably within the first couple hours the comment has gone up).

Another key thing that I have learned is that if you actively comment and engage prior to putting up your own post, people will go and like and comment on your post once it goes live which boosts your post higher in the feed and more of your followers will see it.

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Pinterest is another big platform that is exceptional for promoting content. The higher the number of followers that you have the more likely that your pins will be shared thus giving you further reach and potentially getting you new readers. Many of my newsletter subscribers have found me through Pinterest. They would discover an engaging pin, click to read more, enjoy my content and then subscribe to my blog and social media channels.

The key to growing your Pinterest is consistent content and engaging pins.

I am a big advocate for Tailwind. It keeps my posting consistent without me having to be on Pinterest throughout the day. With using Tailwind, my pins are shared at very specific times that are pinpointed based on the engagement of my currently following. By having a new pin go live when they are sharing pins means that my pin will be shard and I could potentially gain more of a following.

A bigger following means that there are more people coming to visit my site and again, that means more brand collaborations and higher revenue.

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Facebook has always been a force in the social media world. And though it is not as big as it once used to be when it was mostly the only social media platform on the web at that point. Although it is not the force it used to be, it is still a social media platform that influencers need to be focusing on.

The first thing with Facebook is make sure you have a page for your blog. And then make sure that page has all information about your blog and social media channels so that you are cross promoting and putting leads back towards your pages. I also highly recommend that you connect your social media channels and blog to your Facebook page so that you can share posts from everywhere straight to your Facebook page.

Many brands will actually focus on Facebook by creating posts just there that are used for ad bases. They will ask you to connect the partnership so that when the post goes live they can back it with ad promotion. This helps them as the brand as well as helping your page. But brands do look for an active and well-developed page.

They will not ask to collaborate with you on a page that barely has any content. So make sure that you’re not only sharing your post from other platforms to your page, but creates post singularly for Facebook. Sometimes these posts may just be to generate conversation with your followers, to host a giveaway just for your Facebook tribe, etc.

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