Summer Jobs for College Students

summer jobs

Are you a college student needing a job? Check out this list of summer jobs for college students.

Summer is coming and you are already starting to worry about what you are going to do once the semester is over. Now, this is the time for vacation after a whole school year filled with research papers, exams, lectures, and presentations. But some of you may be more into making some extra money during the summer instead of taking full three months of vacation.

Below you will find a few ideas for summer jobs particular to college-age applicants.


Many degrees require students to complete internships, and though your college may elect to have you complete your internship during a certain semester, most departments allow you to complete those internship hours earlier in your program based on the discussion that you have with them. Even if your degree doesn’t necessarily require you to complete an internship, you can still apply for one for the work experience and a few extra dollars. There are many places that take on interns during the summer months and pay them either a stipend based on the internship duration, or pay hourly based on a schedule that you work. Many college students have found their internship experience to be invaluable, and many internships have led to jobs after graduation. You can search for internships in your area and degree/interest on these sites:

Pre-College Program Counselor

You may have been a camp counselor in the past and not really enjoyed working with kids (or you may have). Due to this dislike, you have a dislike for applying for jobs with the title of ‘counselor’. But as a college student, you have valuable knowledge and the experience that pre-college programs are looking to give to their student attendees.

A pre-college program is not like a summer camp, but it happens during the summer. During these programs, high school aged students (and some programs even include middle school and younger students) are housed on a college campus and take classes for a certain period of time. In these programs, these students get a taste of what college is like and some even receive college credit.

These programs typically employ college students to act as counselors during the time that the program runs. As a counselor, you will act as a resident assistant that lives with and monitors these students, you will serve as a chaperone on the many trips that are planned, and more importantly you will serve as a mentor to these students.

Many of the programs take place on various campuses around the country as well as out of the country. The programs typically pay for travel arrangements, housing, food, as well as additional costs for trips in exchange for the work the counselors do. They then pay the counselors an additional stipend. So basically, you get to possibly travel away from home, where you don’t have to pay for one thing, and then you get paid after. I have served as a counselor before, and I will admit, that it was one of the most gratifying summers of my college years.

Here are the hiring pages of two pre-college programs:

You can also Google Search ‘Pre-College Programs for High School Students‘ to find programs specific to certain universities.

Pet Shelter

Many pet shelters look for workers during the summer to assist with the upkeep of the shelter. It gives some of the year-round workers availability for time off, and provides alleviation to the already hired staff who may just want to cut back on hours. The best way to search for shelters in your area is to use a job search database such as and search for pet shelters hiring in the area.

You may find a job with direct contact with the animals at the shelter, or they may hire you as a receptionist or another clinical worker to help with things over the summer.

Tutor/Babysit/Pet Sit

Over the summer, many parents are either looking to get more time off or seek help to get their students ahead. Which makes the summer a great time for tutoring and/or babysitting. If you are in a science or math program, you can make a good amount of money in tutoring because many parents are looking to receive help for their children in these areas.

And if you aren’t looking to babysit or tutor, you can pet sit or dog walk over the summer for families who travel on vacations and need someone to look after their pets.

  • For babysitters, pet sitters, and/or tutors – create a profile on
  • For tutors, you can find many jobs opportunities and create a profile on


Don’t get discouraged during the summer when looking for a job, because they are out there. The best thing to do is start your search early and stay open-minded. You can keep with the basic job of retail as many places hire over the summer, but if you are looking for something different, try out one of these options.

Let me know how your job search goes, and if you are a college student in the education field, feel free to reach out to me for referrals specifically for up and coming teachers.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments or helpful tips on finding a job over the summer.

Good luck & happy job hunting!