My Style in Teaching with Modcloth

{Thank you to Modcloth for sponsoring this post. As always, thoughts, opinions and style are my own.}

teacher outfit

Summer vacation is over and I’m heading back to school in less than a week. No, I’m not going back to school as a student. I’ll be the teacher. This school year will be my second year of teaching (well, I actually substitute taught for a couple of years before landing in the district that I am, but I don’t count that fully) and I’m super excited. I’m starting this year with more confidence than I did last year which means that I’ll be a better teacher for my students.

Last year taught me a few things, and surprisingly, I learned a couple of new things about my style as a teacher. And I don’t mean my teaching style.

When I first began prepping for my career as a teacher, I had this impression that teachers had a very restrictive dress code on what they could and couldn’t wear to work – along with what you don’t usually see them wearing. You don’t typically see the dress of a teacher looking very “business-y” if you catch my drift.

I started off the school year with no makeup, khakis, and professional blouses and dresses. And within a few weeks, I realized that I didn’t have to look different during my day at school than I would any other day. Now, I don’t mean that teachers show up every day in their sweatpants – that’s still a no-no (unless the spirit day calls for it – i.e. teachers act like students day), but I found out that I could show off my personal style in the classroom.

There are a lot of different stores and brands that I shop to complete my closet, but one of my go-to places is Modcloth. They have so many outfits that I can pick to ring out my style as a teacher. From dresses to skirts to AMAZING sweatshirts, there are so  many pieces to choose from to fit a variety of styles and body types.

Additionally, you can find something that represents YOU! Case and point…there is a Gatsby sweater that they have and as an English teacher, I absolutely need it. But it was sold out when I went to grab it. Currently waiting for re-stock. I mean, who wouldn’t want that sweatshirt. It’s Gatsby. Everyone loves Gatsby.

O P E N   H O U S E 

modcloth striped skirt

striped skirt

For the days when I want to look a little dressier, such as open house for parent, I may slip into a cute a-line skirt fit for every height. I’m 5’4″ and this doesn’t make me look extremely short.

|Sweetest Subtleties Top (small) | Dusk and Stunner Midi Skirt (small) |

teacher style


T W O   H O U R   D E L A Y

large scarf

teacher outfit
fall style modcloth

When December hits, there are going to be those days when you have the time to look a little better in the morning, but still want to sleep in as long as you can. Just slip on some tights or leggings and you’re all set to weather the storm.

| Trumpet Sleeve Ease Dress (small) | Willamette Wonderings Blanket Scarf | Have a Good Skit Tan Booties |

fall dress
teacher outfit

modcloth fall


D R E S S   D O W N   F R I D A Y

modcloth sweater

dress down friday
teacher outfit modcloth

There are those coveted Fridays during the school year where teachers actually have the ability to wear jeans to school. Those are the most comfortable and sometimes my better days of teaching – less restrictions.

 | Break the Iceburg Pullover (x-small) // this sweater is just so cheeky |

lettuce be friends
teacher style
lettuce be friends


P I C T U R E   D A Y

teacher style
modcloth fall dress

We often get emails about the various days that the photography and videography classes will be coming into classes will be coming around to take photos and videos for the yearbook and website. Those days, I may look a little more dressed up than the others.

| Date to Night Dress (small) | Attention Everyone Booties |

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