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Who says that you can’t be fashionable when you work out? I don’t mean applying a layer of makeup and making sure that everything matches. What I mean is that you wear something that you feel your best in. Because you should feel your best when working out.

When I was in high school, I was a big athlete. I played a sport every season to keep myself in shape, and when it was in between seasons, my dad had me in the gym with him making sure that I stayed in shape. After high school, I didn’t pursue college athletics. I just decided to keep in shape while working out. That was enough for me, even though I will admit that I am not the most consistent person when it comes to¬†going to the gym.

When shopping for gym clothes, I try to focus on comfort more than the style. But, to be honest, when shopping for gym clothes, the comfort and the style go hand in hand. I have not once found a fitness outfit that wasn’t stylish and comfortable for the price that I wanted it to be.

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I was so excited when Beyoncé came out with her athleisurewear wear line РI literally yelped and jumped around when I saw the promo video. I was one of those nuts who woke up at the crack of dawn to make sure that I actually was able to get the piece that I wanted before the line sold out on the release date.

This Ivy Park armhole top was only $25 + shipping and handling, but you can buy it from one of your local stores at Topshop or Nordstrom and bypass the shipping charge. The top is not only conveniently priced, but it is beyond comfortable. It is a light fabric that is great for working out either at the gym or outside.

My cropped sports pants are very breathable and don’t cling to my skin, which is something that I hate when working out. And my sports bra gives me enough support without it being too tight that I can barely breathe – because that is the opposite of what I want.

My fitness outfits are always under $50 (the most expensive thing that I am wearing is my Fitbit & that’s just because well…it’s a Fitbit) and this one is no exception. The top and the bottom along with the sports bra only cost me a little under $50 not including any shipping charges that I paid.

So make sure when you are shopping for your fitness outfits, that you stick with the comfort and the style will just come along with it.


Ivy Park Drop Armhole Top – Nordstrom

Cropped Athletic Pants – Primark

Black & White NIKE AirMax – Footlocker

Fitbit Charge HR – Target

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