The amazing coordinators of Philly Fashion Week hosted a special Couture Fashion show, The Vault, this past weekend at the Crane Arts Old School. The show featured four select designers who had the ability to showcase their latest designs. It was such an honor to be invited and attend with a press pass and learn about what inspired these designers and the clothing line that they featured.

Bishme Cromarti brought us his most recent Spring/Summer line that featured bright hues and abstract shapes. His stated that his line was inspired by the idea of mixing femininity and architecture. To create the architectural look in his pieces, he used draping and a variety of shapes to create cohesive pieces. When these pieces hit the runway, I was drawn to the fierceness of each piece. The color palette was dark but bright at the same time, which drew a contrast that was pleasing to the eye.

Bishme has designed for a variety of celebrities including Jilly Scott, Keisha Cole, and Eva from America’s Next Top Model. He is a young designer with a big vision and creates new lines every season featuring his signature style.

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