The Vault Show (Philly) – Ke’ Collection

Kevin Love
The amazing coordinators of Philly Fashion Week hosted a special Couture Fashion show, The Vault, this past weekend at the Crane Arts Old School. The show featured four select designers who had the ability to showcase their latest designs. It was such an honor to be invited and attend with a press pass and learn about what inspired these designers and the clothing line that they featured.

The Ke’ Collection by Kevin Love featured masculine styles with a feminine touch. Each piece used a masculine type fabric such as tweeds to bring out the edge and clarity of the piece. The Ke’ Collection included long skirts, dresses, and pants suits. Outfits to prepare the woman for the working world and make her feel as if she can take over the world. As soon as the first piece hit the runway, I automatically thought “Girl Boss”. The Ke’ Collection was a great line to start off the Vault Show.

Kevin Love studies at the Fashion Institute and continues on his journey of learning more about the fashion world and developing his fashion career. He is a man of quiet demeanor but his clothing line’s speak for themselves. Each line showcases his expertise and vision of what the masculine/feminine look is and what it can be

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    • Lesh
      October 14, 2015 / 4:43 pm

      I loved the collection. The gloves add an extra edge to the garment.