Top Influencer Networks for Every Niche

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Influencer networks are essential for every type of blogger. Not only does it provide opportunities for collaborations with brands, it helps to make connections and it helps each and every influencer build and grow. There are so many out there and, in my opinion, every influencer should be a part of at least one.

There are networks for every niche. Some are networks for all types of influencers but some are just for one specific niche. My advice for joining influencer networks:

1 – Make sure that you stay yourself. // Don’t change your voice to fit a specific campaign. Honestly, that means that it’s just not for you. Keep your voice because that’s what going to get you the perfect campaign fit for you and your readers.

2 – Don’t think you can’t do it. // Just because you see a big brand looking for collaborations, don’t think that the campaign isn’t for you. The micro-influencer is who many companies are looking for because they believe that they are making the biggest influence right now.

3 – Never give up. // There are quite a few networks that have a set amount of qualifications that you must meet to be a part of their network. Keep that network bookmarked and set it as a goal and then when you meek the requirements, go right in there and apply.

4 – Keep your information updated. // Make sure to update your information quite frequently so that the administration constantly has the correct stats in their database. Even when your social media platform links, it could unlink and could cause you to miss out on an opportunity.

5 – Be patient. // Some of the networks will keep your information on file and won’t have a list of campaigns to apply for. It’s simply that you’ll be contacted when there is a fit. So just be patient and they will come.

Below you’ll find a list of top influencer networks fit for your niche. I’m a part of quite a few (I’ve included all of them below), so if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly and I’ll do my best to answer your question in an honest and fully detailed way.

For All


Shopping Links



Acorn Influence

Social Fabric





Big Spagetti

Clever Girls


Sway Group

Everywhere Society


Hype Factory


Hello Society

The Shelf

Social Stars



Apex Drop

Tidal Labs

Weave Made Media

For Fashion and Beauty


Beauty Clout

Vogue Influencer Network


For Foodies

**Please check back for when platforms are discovered!

For Moms

Social Moms

Mom Bloggers Club

Mom Select

Mom It Forward Media

Bloggin Mommas

The Motherhood

For Travel


Female Travel Bloggers

Buzz & Go

For Home

Press Loft


*This post is actively updated as networks close, change, or new ones emerge or are discovered. Make sure to bookmark!

**This page may include affiliate or referral links. 

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