Travel Diary: Our Honeymoon in Punta Cana

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It’s been such a fun-filled and exciting year. Of course you all know that I was married this past April. Well, as of last week, my official last name is Vincent! Legally, I am now Mrs. Vincent. Isn’t that crazy? I’m still changing some official documents and registrations around due to my name change, but it hasn’t been that much of a difficult process. I’ll be sharing the process I am going through and what made it so easy next week.

But today, I’m sharing my fun-filled and romantic honeymoon to Punta Cana, Dominica Republic!

We took a 6-day honeymoon to Punta Cana arriving back around this time last week. It was so fun-filled that we needed to take a vacation after the vacation. Now, I know some of you may be wondering why we waited until July to take our honeymoon after being married in April. Well, since I am a teacher, I was unable to take off from work since teachers do not typically get a lot of vacation days during the school year. So instead of heading off to our honeymoon right after the wedding, we headed right back to work and started our countdown to this wonderful honeymoon vacation.

This was my husband’s first time flying out of the country. I’ve been out of the country a few times before on educational travels, but this was my first “vacation” trip. It was really exciting to be able to travel with my husband on his first flight out of the country and be there while he experienced all the things such as going through customs and arriving at international airports and dealing with getting your passport viewed, verified and stamped. Of course, all of the forms that we had to fill out he had me do because that’s what wives do.

Our tripped was plan and booked with Liberty Travel. I was referred to this travel company by my sister who took a trip to Punta Cana through the same travel company. They made the experience so easy since they partnered with Olympus Tours (an international travel company) who arranged everything while we were there.

When we arrived in Punta Cana, we snagged our bags and found Olympus Tours – who then transported us to our resort.

Quick Tip: When you travel to a big tourist location, there will be a lot of people near the baggage claim asking if they can take your bag. It’s a nice sentiment, but if you aren’t carrying cash or do not want to spend money right away, say no and carry your own bag until you get to your travel company or to your cab. Also, if you are flying into the Punta Cana airport, make sure to have $10 USD as there is a tax to enter the country.

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We spent our honeymoon at the gorgeous Bahia Principe Resort in Punta Cana. It is an extremely large resort with multiple locations within the resort itself – meaning different hotels to stay within the resort. We stayed at Ambar Blue which is one of the adults only locations that is right next to the beach, all-inclusive, and gives you access to all of the other locations within the resort.

When we arrived at the resort via our transport, we were immediately greeted and asked what we would like to drink. Most people typically opt to start their all-inclusive beverage option right there and then but we opted for water as the humidity was something that we had to get used to.

Then after check in, we were greeted by our butler.

Yes, you read that right. We had a butler. Our butler, Marcos, escorted us to our room, explained everything we needed to know, and explained what he does – which basically was everything and anything. We found that out immediately after we shared that we were honeymooners.

We went out for food and then came back and Marcos had left us a gift in our room, decorated it, and then arranged a honeymoon dinner at one of the many themed restaurants on the resort.


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With the beach being right at our backdoor, my husband and I spent our first few days by the beach just enjoying the cool breeze, the clear water, and each other’s company. It was a luxury to be able to sit and have beverages brought to us for free. It was a dream vacation that I could had only imagined in my dream until this point.

The beach is exceptionally clean. So clean, that the staff member that we encountered that picks up trash and cleans up the beach, actually came over and asked if I would like him to brush the sand off that was stuck to my feet and on my chair. Not only did he keep the beach clean, he kept the guests there clean and comfortable.


punta cana beach

And then as I mentioned before, we spent every night eating at one of numerous themed restaurants all over the resort. Each restaurant had a culture of food, so we made reservations based on what we were in the mood for and what we hadn’t tasted before. Though we enjoyed the wonderful breakfast and lunch food that we typically ate in the buffet, our favorite places to eat were these restaurants.

They had Brazilian, Asian, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Dominican….everything! All unlimited and included in our stay. Each restaurant had a welcome drink based on the menu and, of course, you could order other drinks throughout the entire meal. It was actually entertaining to see their expressions when you didn’t ask for a drink or just wanted water. So unheard of!

Every night depending on where we went to dinner, I wore one of my outfits. See if you can guess which type of restaurant we went to based on the outfits from below. Also, shop all of these looks here.



travel blogger vici dolls beach dress punta cana resort


Other than spending time on the beach, the husband and I also enjoyed a number of excursions. We originally only had one excursion scheduled before we left the states, but after the excitement and how well we were taken care of, we booked two additional ones through our Olympus Tours contact at the resort – Elizabeth.

Our first excursion was zip lining through one of the many mountains surrounding the island. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of the zip lining as we were too afraid to bring our phones and you couldn’t even take photos while zip lining because you needed to use both hands. It was exhilarating and so enjoyable – minus the hike and only because I’m out of shape. It honestly wasn’t even that long. I just need to get back to the gym.

The second excursion was the buggies which was SO MUCH FUN. Things got a little out of hand during the drive as I wanted to test out the speed and may have lost control of the buggie for only a few seconds. But the great things about the buggies were that were able to explore the countryside, discover how mamajuana, cocoa, and their other product is made, and then we were able to jump into a 25 feet deep pool in a cave. I did it, but hubby pinked out.

Our last excursion was an all day excursion to Sanoa Island. It was AMAZING! During the excursion, we first started off being able to snorkel and see a variety of fish in the clearest water I had ever seen in my life. We then took a speedboat to the middle of the ocean to a natural pool / sand bar. We were literally in an area where there is no land in sight and we are just standing in the water with it only coming up to maximum our shoulders and that’s only if you start walking further way. In the natural pool, we were able to hold a live starfish that we kept in the water because they are alive. I cannot emphasize this – we were having a party in the middle of the ocean!

About midday we went to Sanoa Island (Fun Fact: This is the island where Blue Lagoon was filmed). On this gorgeous island we ate delicious Dominican food and laid on the most beautiful beach. After spending a few hours on the beach, we got on a catamaran / the party boat and partied for the rest of the day until it was time to head back to the resort.


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I am so happy that we picked this destination to head to for our honeymoon. It was a honeymoon that we will feel no regrets about. If you haven’t visited Punta Cana yet, you need to do so immediately. The people there are so friendly and welcoming. They actually don’t call you the guests. To them, you are their family and they refer to you all that way. They remember everything you tell them. It was a personalized trip that has topped any other international trip that I have been on. And I am so elated to have spent it with my husband.

We are currently planning our next international trip as we now have travel fever!

And as I’ve been hinting at on my social media channels, I am expanding my travel section on my blog and will be showing off more places to stay, eat, and experience – locally, nationally, and internationally.

This post is NOT sponsored. All referrals are done naturally to provide travel tips to this location for the benefit of you, my followers/readers. As always, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.