You get engaged and the first thing you probably do is bring up the Pinterest board that you’ve been creating for the past few years. The board is filled with great inspiration and ideas to lead you towards the wedding of your dreams. But even though Pinterest can provide you with tons of wedding inspiration connecting to links of how someone did a DIY project, or where they bought this one hair accessory for their wedding day, these pins don’t always give you what you need to plan and put together the main aspects of your wedding.

Wedding planning can be daunting, and many people actually forgo the planning aspect and hire a wedding planner. And, I will admit, that a wedding planner does alleviate most of the stress of planning a wedding, but not everyone can afford the high-priced individual that takes care of every single detail of your wedding. So, if you’re like me, you’re probably trying to do everything yourself. You want to plan the wedding of your dreams within a specific budget, and that is possible. I’ve been doing it. I’ve been planning the wedding that I have been dreaming off within a realistic budget that is including everything that I want.

Here are the resources that I have been using to plan my wedding:

Wedding Wire

I have been using Wedding Wire since the beginning of my planning process, and honestly, it is an invaluable site. I have been able to locate many of my vendors for my wedding and see reviews on their services before I even schedule a consolation with them.

This site not only lets you search for your vendors based on each category, but it basically serves as an online wedding binder. Once I created my account, I was able to begin creating my budget and setting up my guest list. With the guest list feature, I have been able to keep my addresses in one place and set to be exported when need be. It also allows me to add email addresses, which is useful for me because my save-the-dates are going to be electronic. From my guest list, I can also work on my seating chart. So basically, I can do absolutely everything on this website including making my wedding website for when I send out my save the dates and invitations. It gives my guests an online resource to keep up with the wedding details as everything moves forward.

I also like that, on this site, I can use the mobile app to keep myself updated while on the go, and my fiancé has been able to create his own account that attaches to our profile. He can update on his own without having to log into my account. And if I wanted to, I could create an account for my mother and/or father separately that also gives them permission to edit the information found in my wedding binder. Again, it makes it easy for everyone and everything to stay updated as you move along in your planning.

The Knot

The Knot is similar to Wedding Wire, so it up to you what you which platform that you would like to use. I have not personally used the Knot but I have been invited to and been involved with other weddings who have used this site to plan their wedding and create their wedding website.

Like Wedding Wire, you can search for vendors in your area in the various categories and keep your wedding binder electronic and updated. Also, from the wedding websites that I have seen from people who have used this site before, each one has been fantastic and well-organized. I was able to go onto my friends’ wedding websites and access their registries in the many places that they created one. This site also allows you to make your guest list online, start a budget – basically everything that I just mentioned before with Wedding Wire.

It’s up to you which one you choose, but I highly recommend getting an account on one of these sites to make your wedding planning so much easier.


Often on Pinterest, you see these customized wedding accessories and you typically ask yourself – “Where can I buy this?” And, I’m here to tell you that it is from Etsy. For those unfamiliar with Etsy, it is a site where you can purchase handmade, customized items from various individuals who make and sell these items online.

This site is so popular for selling wedding accessories and items, that there is a category just for wedding items.

I have found this site to be useful because I have been able to find items such as my ring pillow, runner, bride & groom champagne flutes, and various other wedding accessories for my wedding’s theme right from the site and for cheaper than I would have found it for in a bridal store. You can pay through various methods including PayPal, which makes buying online easy and safe. And you can check the ratings that people have been giving for the product and the seller. It is a great way to make your wedding custom to your style in every small detail.

Style Me Pretty 

After you’ve done all the intricate planning, you may need a little inspiration or some additional ideas as to what you can add to your wedding to really pull the theme home. Style Me Pretty is a site that features various wedding inspiration. It showcases vendors, DIY projects, gown inspiration boards, etc. I have been using this site as an “add-on site”. It doesn’t serve as my primary site for planning but it does give me ideas of where to look and how I can do certain things. It was on this site that I discovered how I can put together my own bouquets without paying hundreds of dollars to make the bouquets and boutonnieres for my wedding. The site also gave me a few pictures for my gown that I have printed out for when I begin to schedule my appointments.

Take a look at this site, it is truly well worth it.

Other Wedding Blogs & Instagram Feeds

If you’re on Instagram, I highly recommend that you start following some Instagram feeds that are particular to weddings. I didn’t think that this way of wedding planning would be useful, but I have actually found it to be great for inspiration. Through the Instagram feed, I have been able to be guided on where I can purchase certain items for my wedding and how I can style my engagement and wedding photos. And with Instagram, many people tag the vendors they used and put you right in contact with that exact vendor.

I was even able to find a few bridal events through Instagram that I was able to go to for free, because many of these wedding Instagram profiles give away free items, discounts, or free tickets to events in the area. I’ve attended three events for free (with a friend who also was able to go for free) by just staying current on my Instagram.

The other method of staying updated and keeping up with the inspiration is to start reading some wedding blogs. Most wedding blogs feature wedding coverages in their area and they provide reviews on vendors that they are in contact with. Bloggers will remain honest with their reviews because they want to stay loyal to their readers and provide them the help that they are looking for.

I have found that in reading wedding blogs, I have been able to find smaller and inexpensive vendors that are able to provide the same services that many of the more popular and more expensive vendors provide. Also, I have been able to take notice of photographers because the photos that the bloggers use are taken by professional photographers.

What resources are you using to plan your wedding? Are you doing any DIY project, and where did you get the inspiration? Let me know. Share your ideas and wedding planning tips here!