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This winter has been extremely brutal so far, and it’s far from being over. Now, I won’t say that I am an outdoors girl, but I don’t like being cooped up. Sitting on the couch gets really old for me after about a day or two and I start to get really anxious. So on the snow days that we have off from school and those weekends when it’s too cold to keep walking in and out of the car, I’ve been planning all of my adventures for this year (see my tips for travel planning) and I’ve been coming up with a variety of activities that my hubby, my family, and my friends can all do instead of just texting each other from our individual homes.

  1. Winter Wonderland
    Last year when my hubby and I moved to our apartment, we learned that we lived near Bethlehem. And yes, they do a big experience for Christmas. Additionally, that town and other surrounding towns have these winter wonderlands that are so gorgeous. It’s one of those experiences that you have to have at least once in your life. All you have to do is search ‘winter wonderland’ in you local area. My suggestion is to just head to Google Maps and type key term in and those closest ones should pop up for you.
  2. Game Night
    Everyone loves a good game night. These past few months, we’ve been playing Phase 10, Heads Up, and Black Card Revoked – games that last for hours. All you have to do is determine who is hosting and then have everyone bring one of their favorite games and a dish or drink. Then you’re all set, you have a fun night just set for you.
  3. Movie Marathon
    Over the holiday break, my hubby and I caught up on all of the shows we recorded on the DVR and began bingewatching all of the movies and shows that people had recommended to us. By the way, if you haven’t started watching The Crown on Netflix, you’re missing out on a regal experience. Pick a theme for one night and grab your snacks and just begin that movie marathon. It’s fun and you’ll be warm and cozy.
  4. Glamping
    If you’re itching to get out of the house but don’t want to be extremely cold, I suggest glamping in a cabin. So, extreme glamping as some of my friends like to call it. They keep trying to get me in a tent – not going to happen. We live close to the Poconos and there are so many great cabin resorts that have fun activities that are both indoors and outdoors when we want to ice skate, snowtube or something else. There was even a cabin resort that included a weekend long mystery dinner activity – a whole weekend of figuring out who the killer is…am I the only person that is in love with the game Clue? Just search your local resorts and see what type of glamping you can do.
  5. Cook-Off
    I have quite a few friends who love to cook, and I have even more friends who love to eat. Don’t we all. And if you’re obsessed with some of those cooking shows like me, why not bring it into your own home or find one. You can either set some rules and have everyone bring a dish – trusting they will follow the rules. Or you can search and find a cook-off in your local area such as My Cooking Party in NY. It’s a cooking class and a fun time all together in one.


{{Photos by K. Vrabel Photography}}

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