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There is no rule stated in the fashion world that indicates that Winter equals dark and neutral colors. The sun still shines in the sky even when the temperature gauge reads below 30 degrees. Just because it is cold doesn’t mean that your outfit has to be.

Over the years, I have fallen in stride with the seasonal trend of wearing dark and neutral colors. I felt that my wardrobe reflected how the outdoors looked when the snow fell and the clouds covered the sun. And honestly, everywhere I shopped only displayed those comfortable but stylish sweaters in dark colors. My closet started to turn into a black hole. (Literally, my closet was full of black and dark colored clothes). But in recent years, I decided “NO MORE!”.


I wanted to shine as bright as I do during any other season. I wanted to wear my bright yellow and hues of teal. I wanted to wear the flashy colors that complimented my skin color instead of the dreary shades that blended my hair in with my clothes. I wanted to stand out among the crowd, and with a new outlook on Winter fashion, I made sure that I did.

This Winter, as the cold weather begins to take over the Northeast, I decided that I was going to shine as bright as the sun while still staying warm and comfortable. Though I did fall by the wayside by complimenting my daisy yellow top with a neutral hue, I still think that my color is still shining more brightly than the neutral tones deeply connected with this season. And the greatest thing about this outfit – other than the color, obviously – is that the total cost of this outfit (blouse, jeans, shoes, & handbag) is under $60. That is honestly a great price for a completed outfit.

 DSC_0124 bright color clothing tall boots bright colors cold weather wear winter wear winter clothing

Yellow 1/4 Sleeve Zip Up Top Primark | Medium Wash Skinny Jeans American Eagle |
Over the Knee Adjustable Boots

How do you style yourself during the Winter season? Do you fall into the cold weather trend of dark and neutral tones, or do you rock your bright colored ensembles all year around? I would love to hear how you are styling yourself this Winter. And if you happen to have the time, take a minute to complete my reader survey – I would really appreciate it and it will help me to provide more style inspiration and other goodies on LivingLesh.

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