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If you look at any Spring/Summer 2018 trend report, you’ll see a lot of vibrant colors. But the one color that is represented the most is yellow. Now, I’ve always been in love with yellow, especially yellow for spring. It is one of the colors in my complimentary color palette. And now that I can find so many pieces in the variety of yellow shades, my shopping problem has gone from docile to an out of control problem. No joke, I was online shopping all last week and this past weekend, since I couldn’t get enough, I went over to King of Prussia mall and did a little more shopping. Sorry, not sorry.

Yellow is a great Spring color because it makes things pop. Even as this extended winter is bombarding into the warm weather season, by wearing yellow, we are all bringing that warm weather feel out even with it being cold.

I’ve been wearing my yellow in various ways. A few weeks ago, I snagged a yellow maxi dress that I am adoring from Target, and then this week, I’m rocking this yellow long-line jacket from Primark that is great for transitioning from the 20-30 degree weather to the peaking through 60-70 degree weather.

Another great thing about yellow is that you can combine it with other colors to create a unique look. Depending on the hue of yellow that you are wearing, you can either use the yellow to accentuate the other spring colors in the look or to make the yellow the central color of the outfit.

I’ve added a few pieces such as a jumpsuit, another maxi dress, and a vibrant flowy top – all in yellow – to my wardrobe to wear to the various events that I have upcoming throughout the spring and summer. And since the yellow trend is so inspiring, I’ve included some amazing picks for you to shop yourself and add to your wardrobe.


{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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