15 Summer Dresses for a Day Date

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With the summer coming, my plan is have as many day dates as possible. And I don’t just mean with my husband. Day dates can be just with your best girlfriend to go out for brunch, lunch, or a summer activity that will help you cross something off of that bucket list of yours. It can be a day date with your sister as you travel around with her and her kids to the zoo or another fun adventure. Or maybe, your significant other took the day off and you two want to have a nice time out during the day, taking in the sun and the ability to spend time together.

No matter the occasion or who your date is with the goal is to have fun. And that requires you to be cool and comfortable. I can remember a number of times where I went on a day date and ended it way too soon because I felt hot, sticky and wanted to get out of the sun. But this year, I want to make sure that my closet is stocked with outfits set for the day date. I’ve got some already stocked in my closet, some on their way by the mail carrier, and others sitting in my shopping cart waiting for my next paycheck or the next great sale – whatever comes sooner.

I’ve already had a few day dates with friends and my hubby. And on each occasion, I’ve been tremendously comfortable.

I always lean towards a short flowwy dress such as this layered striped dress from Vici Collection. The dress is a light fabric that keeps off of my body that shows movement (everyone loves to take that picture of their hair and outfit blowing in the wind), it’s short but not too short and the vertical stripes are not only great summer colors but the stripes help to elongate my frame.

Now, depending on what the occasion is, you may want to go for the flat sandal or for a low heeled sandal to go with your outfit. It all depends on the date. These Melrose and Market block heels are a great pick for brunch outside underneath the shade of the umbrella. Or maybe a picnic in the park drinking wine and munching on sandwiches. But if you’re getting a little more adventurous that day and will be doing a lot more walking than sitting, I suggest this flat sandal by Rock & Candy.

There are so many looks to go for and I’m sharing my 15 favorite picks that would be great for a summer day along with some top picks for shoes and accessories below.



{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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Let me know what you think! And also, leave a comment about what you’re planning to do this summer for some day dates – I would love to hear some inspiration.

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