It’s My 28th Birthday! Looking Back on This Past Year

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It’s that time of year! It’s my birthday! (Well, tomorrow is.) And every year around my birthday, I like to think about my past year and what has happened and reflect back on the changes. Last year, I posted about my goals and what I wanted to accomplish. I may not have checked off everything on that list, but I did check off quite a few of the goals that I wanted to meet. It was an amazing 27th year and now moving into my 28th birthday, my entire life has changed for the better. So today, I want to reflect back on what did change and what I am looking forward to during my 28th year. Oh, and happy early birthday to me!



Last year, I listed out 27 things I wanted to do in my 27th year. Looking back at those 27 things, I will admit that I only accomplished 9 1/2 things. And though that is a little less than have, I want to say those things that I accomplished were the bigger things on the list which is a win to me.

One of the biggest things, and most obvious, was that my husband and I started our family something that I’m excited that happened before my 28th birthday! It is actually funny because as I was writing the post last year, I was actually already pregnant but I just didn’t know. Looking back at that post and writing how one of my goals was to begin planning starting our family makes the whole situation just a little ironic because I didn’t even know that my body was already moving towards growing our family. And I’m just completely smitten with my little man.

A collection of items on that list were about taking care of me, growing my business, and become a better person. I am still growing but I will say that over this past year, I have grown to becoming a better me.

Another thing on my list was training our puppy. Last year, we had just adopted Charlie and he was still learning the ins-and-outs of being in a house and learning to be obedient. But we worked with him, gave him love, and I’m happy to report that he is trained to our liking. He’s still timid, but we realized that is just his personality.

For the things that I didn’t accomplish such as moving towards my Ph. D. and publishing my book, I am happy to say that I am moving in that direction. I am moving towards pinpointing what I was to study for my Ph. D. and I am back to working on my book and fine tuning things. Then, as I am working to get it published, I may start working on a new book.

I’m 28 now, there’s so much that I can still do and this year just brings all new possibilities and I am so excited about them.

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